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  1. it would help to tell us all what server you on :good:
  2. altered message :'( just for you :cray:
  3. Thanks kuzmitch we all humans just communicate differently we need someone to break the language barrier ok i never be able learn russian so hopefully someone on the game maybe able to help lets hope so i think it be fun if all servers have competitions myself :drinks: slay you bencong no way i be moderator i got to many haters lol but you on the other hand loved by all :blush: so you would be the wiseman's choice for english mod plus you more experienced player than me i noob :wacko: :lol:
  4. thats what we english speakers keep saying we need an english speaking member of staff to translate all for us we missing out otherwise and i dont think its fair do you ?
  5. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=5107.msg43829#new So on russian forum they have competitions run by devs/mods with not bad prizes but we english speakers do not know russian so i think its a bit unfair. How about getting an english speaking mod/dev to also post here on english forum so maybe give ALL a chance to win not just ones who can read and write russian thank you in advance for a reply/ deleted/ ban lol :drinks:
  6. Some players want to be invincible by the looks of this post lol go barb and level up then ya fighting takes ages if you survive the fights :clapping:
  7. Your friend either :- underground (in a cave), on diff island or the invisible hero :lol:
  8. just wait until update for all your answers ok :yahoo:
  9. was maintenance needed so close to update ? :fool:
  10. big war at nadir now so be carefull ok littleboy ;D
  11. can have 30 friends max so my list sorted now :good: 8) :rofl:
  12. why release the link now then when its no good at the moment :facepalm: :lol:
  13. yes use the torch on the spiders with a ? mark above them then only kill them they only will drop you the legs :) good luck :drinks:
  14. still no code sent to mobile does this link work anyone ??? :wacko:
  15. we killed him so good luck in future quests littleboy :drinks:
  16. kratt drop good items i help :lol:
  17. i suggest slay bencong for english speaking dev he good people and great knowledge of game get him in aigrind employment jajaja :drinks:
  18. first off you did start this marcin at grid attacking our party while at boss disrespectful. Second of all mc been attacking elfs all day. Third we were at moon waiting for party you start attack moon more disrespect. Then awwww goes mental at nadir and starts attacking all. Look if you want total war i dont mind at all but remember first sign of aggression was made by mc and not elf. :aggressive:
  19. There you go i never lie my friend :facepalm:
  20. How to Download and Crack Hypercam 3 or that there a few links on there ok hope it helps :unknw:
  21. http://okdownloadfree.com/inope9324/Hypercam try that :drinks:
  22. lol i actuallly dropped another wrought belt the same day :lol: but gave the 2 away because im so noob 8) :wacko:
  23. from sea :dirol: this the corect screenshot sorry delete wrought belt please
  24. more like 4 noob bencongs waiting for the toilet :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  25. haha thanks marshal we get epic drops today and make epic vids i hope :friends: :yahoo: :wacko:
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