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  1. As a person who bought the first magic dedicated spear last year and used...magic is not very significant when we're talking about dks..

    Death call dmg output reaches 150-200 dot when at 4/4 with high magic but loss of every survival skill and stun skill is not worth adding points to the aoe for just dmg.

    Now we go to exhale ...a skill that adds the magic dmg you have to the skill dmg almost exactly.. And bosses resist it making it only useful in PvP.. Where people have massive mdef or against mobs.. Which is a waste tbh.


    Shadow....I had high hopes for the skill with a magic build... If you want to make a full magic build just for this skill I wouldn't hate you... But this is just one skill :P... Reaches damage outputs of 1k~ with max mdmg without considering mdef and resilience... But again... Your dmg output would generally be higher by just adding points to hurricane.


    I think I addressed everything magic related ...

    If you do go for a magic build I'd advice not to do so since dks have skills that focus on pdmg for most of the output... But then again no one has tried Max mdmg .. Only mid amp in Ru. If you want a link to their magic test page just reply.

  2. Us mate...

    Besides too many dks now... There's no crown for best dk... Everyone with their special builds look nice.... Finally a diverse class... Stuns might've been op... But now. He's just one of the many dks sporting reserve satu Silence shadow...


    There's no better dk or any class... Just the extent of how good you are in what you are xd


    No I haven't lost... Maybe to Alex but I can deal :lovepig:

  3. Look....the thing is I don't use reserve...but I don't find a reason to nerf it just because a pala whines when a no stun dk gets a insta pot after the pala finishes his dmg cycle.


    IF ANYTHING takes you to reserve active HP.... it'll kill you within the next few seconds after reserve...simple logic to follow by...eh?

    So what is your point here? Nerf a PvE skill? xD

    Or do you want to talk about how this opopop pvp skill that is basically extra HP and no stuns....lmao dude..

  4. Do I need to repeat the same shit 10 times over?

    Tested max Regen survivability (pile) vs good ls hurricane (me) in PvE

    On bosses ranging from spawn to faceless and even kronus... The skill is unreliable since it takes time to proc even after reaching activation HP AND 2 minutes cd...


    Aka stop trying to kill a dead horse... Wasted 40k and some MC on the dmg skill anyways...

    Btw stun build = 50% success chance not including spaces and stun bypass classes. .

    Bless dk... Call it op when you have an entire server of em HINT HINT SAPPHIRE BDS


    Not max Regen it seems...read *z*

  5. X7 procs no hurricane 2minute cd... I've seen max potential and my life steal does better in comparison (pile / stuns / spawn-kronos-faceless tests) 2k dmg output per skill on pala doesn't compare to this unreliable shit skill on dk that takes 4 seconds to proc once reaching the active HP unreliable in PvE and anything that can take you low in PvP won't make a come back. Some people are naive jackasses... God


    And lukazz reserve is not a substitute for the pot combo...and read what I said before calling me a PvP dk....just because I can beat you in PvP doesn't make me a pure 'pvp' dk...I have a better PvE tank set lmao.. moving on.

    My essay attends to both PvE and PvP..read.

  6. Dks sacrifice their main memo (stuns and vamp) making a reserve build....

    Mind you my cousin pile made a complete reserve build and it's a poor man's substitute for life steal

    Unreliable 2minute cd Regen is not op

    Especially when you sacrifice all stuns (ruin PvP) AND when you sacrifice vamp/hurricane (ruin PvE)

    Those numbers you see aren't even the slightest broken...and mind you I'm not defending this build because I put time into it....the skill overall gives dks another substitute for life steal don't talk about needs because you think it requires so...even when the large populous honestly doesn't care about this skill.


    Btw call crits 2k when ferro hammer used... that's before the stun and foj...calling stupid skills that help the weak amps PvE op and holding mini nukes..stfu

  7. it will be a pve based dk for now, i want to be a very good tank. For experts i was thinking secret reserves 3/4 saturation 3/4 steel hurricane 3/4. Would it be good? %30life steal and hurricane for life pot xD. secret reserve to save my ass if i get in trouble. But how many times do secret reserves heal? And what is the cooldown for it? Thank you

    Go for 4/4 reserve satu for PvE

    Rely on your own dmg for hurricane

    Half arsing satu at 3/4 keeps too much space between consecutive uses....4/4 reserve is a secret link in itself .

    If you're a 28 that build will do well anywhere... considering the only place you wouldn't be able to tank/would take difficulty is to and that too you have many mobs spawning aka making your 1/4 hurricane a pot in itself

  8. It's been a recent trend of the devs to mess up Silence whenever there's an event.

    Please take note of the fact that stuns no longer remove stacked skills and more than one stacked skill works during the scilence affect making the skill useless.

    Take action quickly please,thanks.

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