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  1. Lets say, u,ur brother, ur sister, ur younger sister,and etc, u r sharing 1 wi fi. So yall cant play warspear, with 1 wi fi, cause u will get banned? Very stupid rules.


    Thats how my account was banned years ago. I was playing 1 account with 1 device but with 2 IPs , wi fi at home,and at work, and i was banned for sharring accounts. Without sharring anything.


    Stupid rules. Very stupid rules!

  2. Let him quit. Do us a favor and quit elasiri. 1 crying baby less.


    Btw i tought u did quit like 2 years ago?


    And elasiri, just like i told u, and BennyBT told u.its not only about the amp of ur weapon. U need dmg rings, cloak,amulet, n they cost alot. N signs arent 5k. N they also cost lotta money for non spender. Its not a work for 1 day..boom u r full +10 just like that,with dmg items. U bigger noob then me elasiri, but u spent money n u think u own the world hahahahahaha


    Come on, quit,again. Do it :D no one cares.

  3. And lets do not forget ,u need very high amp weapon AND rings AND amulet AND cloak to do the 700 dmg right? So ,not anybody can do this right?


    I just think ela has been recently killed by Vla, and now he is upset hihihi


    And ela, urscrewed, only because u spent lotta money in this game,doesnt give u the rights to tell mods what changes to do ,,,,,do this do that or ill quit or ill not spent more money,,,, cry cry cry.

  4. Warspear has no pvp Roland said that himself in a post. Even though their main home page says it has pvp. HOW STUPID IS THAT? MORONIC.


    Me and hundreds of other people would love to have a system that lets you accept or deny a duel for pvp against your own faction and the opposing faction. But Roland and the development team being the idiot geniuses they are said it will never happen. You can't call the "pvp"  cave a real 1v1 place because kid noob players on both sides hold grudges against people and then those people are never allowed there.


    This is why i gank in pvp cave on elf and mc side,  because this game has no pvp.  WARSPEAR NOT FRIENDWITHENEMYSPEAR!



    Oh come in eu,and gang me.u will r.i.p.u so brave in forum lol.its a pvp.i pvp so many times  1v1 on pvp cave.i would be happy to rape u

    So don't cry to me next time your ganked,  cry to devs people.


  5. Me and many others are now protesting in game by doing 2x2 and 5x5 naked. This will make mcs made and possibly cause people to quit your game due to not ever winning, thus costing you money.




    Someone has to do something.  You can't see how OP elf are on your own so I'll help you see it by hitting you in the pockets devs.


    Oh 1 more crying mc baby.why u r not at eu server :sorry:

  6. i think u dont understand what i was saying. i told you to quit if you cant play your fav character. only a dumb/noob that cant play his own char n can only cry on others by blaming he is OP :cray: :facepalm:



    Every char has good and weak sides.but is so easy to blame mods. Did i blame them for necro nightmare,rogues stealth+new skills.or or locks circles + life ex. Or or i even dont like rangers crit,blessing,n new expert skills,both...but did i cry ,,mods made them sooo ooop,,?no.because these skills makes them harder for killing.n what have a bd?harm?shield?oh pls,bd even lose dmg from 2nd sword/axe.and rush...that skill even cant stun every time.doesnt matter what ur chat is,if u cant play it right...thats ur own faulth :spiteful:  .so.. Better blame u,n try to be better!

    Hey call me noob if u want..who cares..if this makes u happy :lol:

    P.s i cant comment new bd skill.i still didnt bought it xd

  7. hey roland. Would u mind to read this?

    Shaman new skill can shield theirselves.

    Wtf. For what is necromancer then?

    Always having the shittiest skill in ws

    then n0w they bec0me useless

    permanently?wtf. Just delete the class necro, probably all mc and retain only

    elf side coz F*CK YOU.




    U mad bro?
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