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  1. Por diversión rete a mis amigos a un duelo. Ve el resultado XD
  2. Hola Yo empecé como elfo, pero por cosas del destino me hice mc, cree un rogue y lo mejore soy lvl 26. Me encanta el daño que puede infringir, pero necesitas tenerlo muy amplificado :[. Igual me cree un necro (para farming, obio). Actualmente subo un dk, los buenos tank están escasos en el servidor que juego (US-Sapphire), me encanta los skills que tiene, soporta mucho daño aun siendo algo noob . Cualquier ayuda que requieran en este servidor pueden buscarme y si esta dentro de mis posibilidades los ayudare Soy Alvesr
  3. The amount of points in the ride are correct? pumpkins give always 0:!
  4. I have a problem. The system will not let me to perform new tasks (crafting). Please fix it
  5. I was thinking It would be great to have a record of which objects are deposited or removed from the warehouse of the clan. So in this way we can control what comes and goes. and avoid lost of valuable objects to the same clan. I hope my suggestion to take into consideration.
  6. Now to finish give the ability to become invisible and ready all make us druids. do you like them?
  7. How it will make possible a second druids who heal completely. and remove the effect of the infection to the necro (explode when the target dies). seriously, that kind of changes is very unfair and they removed playability and competitiveness *z*
  8. Maybe should add a record of the objects added or removed from trunk. do you think?
  9. Maybe should add a record of the objects added or removed from trunk. do you think?
  10. Hello *hi* it is a quick reference. use the expert skills there is a kind of failure. they fix it? or on the contrary that is not a bug? thank you
  11. Antes la infección al matar al oponente infringía daño. Ahora se necesita esperar hasta que el efecto acabe para que infrinja daño de área. No se si será un bug . Que mal que le reduzcan el daño al personaje que menos daño hace
  12. Nice. New armors lvl 18 but personal. Good idea -.-. The best event ever :!
  13. View the images. 410 and 779!. Should be 820! Right?
  14. He criticize is hit twice or I'm wrong?
  15. Alvers


    Thank you for reading my message and delete it immediately. And also we thank you not to answer r0land-.-
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