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  1. Buying KW bracelets on EU MC side. Pm here or in game. See list of characters below.
  2. Smilga

    Elusive Jump

    Looking forwards. Also, does stealth give this skill dmg bonus aswell?
  3. Useful? I spent 1500 Miracle coins on items I don't need. I'll get 70k max for them. Out of 1500 Miracles I could get 300k when buying the right items.
  4. Smilga

    Elusive Jump

    Can someone update me on the new skill? How much damage does it do at certain lvl and does the skill damage depend on your physical power?
  5. note to self: Don't play Warspear immediately after you wake up :facepalm:
  6. Ask me, I just bought 10 Unity Potions :facepalm: :facepalm:
  7. I just spent 1500 of my Mcoins acidentally buying 10 x Unity potions. Make the stupid pop-up Miracle shop items go away or insert a Checkout system. Please mister Snorlax or Mister R0land, give me a refund :'( :'( . I was taking a quest and that stupid pop-up went out and I accidentally pressed f2, so I thought, maybe if I hold it it wont buy anything? But it bought me 10 goddamn unity potions. I'll send a ticket right now.
  8. I already accidentally bought a Glad pot. Thank god it's just 50mc :facepalm:
  9. Relax, mate. Nobody has received their yet. You'll get your mcoins, don't worry, there will be great deals :rofl:
  10. Wohoo! Second contest in a row I win something :blush: Ty Aigrind
  11. Whooo let the cows out? Mooh, Mooh, Mooh, Mohh.
  12. Where are the "Best Guide" results? :snorlax: said that the results should have came last week... Can we get an update on the date?
  13. Just calculated, 2x +10 Endless gladius with crit enchant + Ice queen set = 685 dmg. Imagine if you gladiators cape + amulet + power card + polar bear drink :crazy: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:
  14. Here's my guide on relic at mc side. It's still not finished but there's a map and a few tips already. I'll expand the guide when I have more information. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=102525.new#new
  15. This is a guide on how to find relic fast in MC side. First of all, here's a link to the map where you can find all the relic locations: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=86730.0 All credit goes to Born Idenities, he made this map, give him karma if you find his map usefull. Here's a link to the guide where you can find a similar guide for elf side: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=99740.0 kryzskillz made the guide and I got the idea to make this guide from there. Finally, the actual guide. First of all, you go to Gordir at Silty footplain. If he doesn't have the relic, go to Helg in Camp of Legion. If he mentions, that only people from dungeons could know more, go to Graybeard, he has the relic. If Helg mentions Hyarvard, the relic is at Bitter Ash island, Hyarvard. Go to Varakar if Helg doesn't say anything or if he advises you to go to Varakar. If Varakar says relic is in boundless ogres steepes, the relic is at Elder Beyn in Fishermen Village or either at Old Arr-Vokk. If Varakar and Helg don't know anything, go to Scout camp. If Pathfinder says relic is in the east coast of Armor Cliff, go check Leeward Island at Inglov and if he doesn't have it go to Armor Cliff tavern, because Hock'ap has the relic. If Pathfinder doesn't tell you anything, the relic is either at Kald or Vistain in Salt Hill and Bandit Ridge.
  16. Smilga

    Weapons & Parry?

    Yep, you're right on all the aspects of your point. Shitzo has it all figured it out. All hail Shitzo. Sword + Dagger is best.
  17. Smilga

    Weapons & Parry?

    I did a test with 3lvl weapons. The highest dps is with 2x daggers, Less dps has 1xdagger and 1x sword and the least dps has 2x swords. You can say that results would be different with amp and enchant you may be right. Pro tip: Don't buy 2x Scout Dildo-banana gladius. Get 2x Scout kris or 1x each if you don't plan to buy SD. For sd I don't know shit.
  18. Don't overuse it or it will become HIDEous.
  19. 02 25: MC at Hyarvard, Bitter Ash Island. Currently developing a guide on how to find relic faster.
  20. Smilga

    LFG chat

    You play APB ? lol :crazy:
  21. Darkzain, I sent you a Private Message ;)
  22. [glow=red,2,300]SELL THESE BAD BOYS @ EU EMERALD MC SIDE[/glow] PM in forum or in-game, Poetas, Smilga, Sudvaldys
  23. AMOOOO brothers and sisters
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