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  1. Barb: foxlovevix (or something like that), degree Rogue: fluguy, aeurus, iluvweed, roguekillz, diaboloko Shaman: pummy, mrsxquakez, xshamy Deathknight: diabopreto, bladesz Necro: eld... Something, apocalysm, grimaze Warlock: rainxhard, absalom, xrussellx ( idk the exact name) Mage: hrimfaxi, jodo Paladin: palladio Priest: oracles, priestking, siimple Bladedancer: yins, getfu**ed, ambriel, hamstring, chocobar, woundedjam Ranger: snipedownx, bellato Druid: skitzen, poley, mrsxboltz, acridtwo (banned)
  2. Well played devs. Just when i think u cant fuk people up any harder, u guys manage to prove me wrong
  3. If anyone knows a person or himself has a +9/10 endless war weapon pls post ur screenshots or the weapons stats here
  4. Post ur screenshots of the saddest people in the pvp cave
  5. first joke: so this guy says to his girlfriend: "come to my place tonight, the house is empty " so the girls comes over to his place and the house really is empty... second joke: a little girl walks in on her mom taking a shower and she asks her mom whats that on her chest so her mom says those are tits and the kid asks her when will she get those and her mom replies with when u grow up. Then the girl asks her whats that between her legs and her mom says a vagina the kid asks her mom when will she get that and her mom say when she grows up. So now 15 min later the kid walks in on her dad taking a shower and she asks her dad whats that between his legs and dad says a dick so she asks him when will she get that and he says "when your mom goes to work :spiteful: " third joke: (this one is a bit racist) whats a black guy doing with an empty sheet of paper in his hands? reading his rights. fourth joke: a blond chick went fishing on a river and the guard comes and says "excuse me miss but u need a permit to fish her" and she replies "ohhh god damn it i was using worms this entire time" fifth joke: how many cops does it take to change a light bulb? none... they just beat the room up for being black sixth joke: so little Jack is supposed to have sex with little Jane after school but he didnt know how to do it so he quickly ran home after school and explaned his father the entire situation and asked him for help, so his father gave him a walkie talkie and told him that he will guide him trough it once he's there. So little Jack went to meet little Jane near the school and they were ready to begin. Jack didnt know what do to se he secretly asks his dad via the walkie talkie what to do and his father tells him to start kissing her so thats what he does, now his father tells him to start taking her clothes of so thats what he does and now his dad tells him all proud "now my son stick that thing u and me got in her" and he sticks a walkie talkie up her pussy.... seventh joke: why did Hitler kill himself? his gas bill came those are all i could think of right now, i know they're a bit sexist or racist but those are jokes and i hope no one gets offended by them.
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