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    iick got a reaction from Speedom in we need air point like this at Avondill T5 under water   
    want make eat?air like this.
    place under water everywhere.
    so we can breath more under water.
    im gonna dieeeeeeeee without like  this!!!!

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    iick reacted to r0land in a formal request for fansite   
    Hi there!
    Nice idea.
    And what should we do from our side?
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    iick got a reaction from dennisj007 in beauty contest entry :)   
    This is my photo for this contest^^
    i hope you like it
    i love you all♡

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    iick reacted to KingCree in beauty contest entry :)   
    Great picture man!
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    iick reacted to iick in beauty contest entry :)   
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