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  1. want make eat?air like this. place under water everywhere. so we can breath more under water. im gonna dieeeeeeeee without like this!!!!
  2. waitting almost 8 hours now... when update show up??? here is already sleep time..
  3. The player Koreagunba's other character Aliexpress call help join guild for he's level up. we've talked many times before like nice neighborhood. so i trusted him. cuz it was not only just two three times we've met year. and he was mercs member long time. but look what he did. he took out guild with everything looks like can be changed to gold. he bite the hand that feeds one. its worst behavior more than scaming. i don't matter about lost items but i lost who thought friend. i ask every player. ban this human trash.
  4. buy 26 amulet with health US-SAPPHIRE ELF not medallion of immortality,necklace of immortality
  5. i just want listen GM's explain. and please fix it make enemy 'blind'
  6. then there is no mean make acurracy 0 by using 'blinding fire'. why this option exist? enemy does no 'blind' !! what the hell is this situation??
  7. today i tried a test this skill. blinding fire it says : Blinding Fire (active) Deals damage to all enemies within a small radius and reduces their accuracy to 0. As the skill develops, damage, number of objects and debuff time increase. but when i mastered this skill, feel almost no change. first, even though accuracy 0 i'm damaged. how could be damaged by accuracy 0? doesn't make any sense. second, the time is so short. i thought it will be lasts 4~5 seconds like 'blazing ground' but it was just spark once. third, debuff time is too short. i was expect 5 or more second but its was almost 1 second even skill lvl4(!) this is so useless skill remain like this. please make 0 accuracy=no damage and lasts time increase. thx.
  8. i record this. when i use English its ok. but if use Korean or samsung keyboard its gonna be junk. if i type 가나다, last 다 follow with out my order. so it types 가나다다 automatically. and 다 keep makes me crazy. i just use enter, it type 다 and 다다. wtf is that? every last word auto type. can't use Korean. and if use Korean ever once. English goes junk too forever until i turn off the game. please fix this bug quickly. p.s - thanks for read and watch nevertheless my bad English.
  9. is stamina charge time changed? i was know its 1stam per 6h but looks not now.. maybe 12h? if that, plz back 6h or lower.. can't enter dg cuz of that... that's problem.. need 3h or more lower..
  10. using samsung G5(SM-G900S) / android 6.0 when i played before, i used predictive text. so when i type 't3' it shows 'bosses'. and i click 'bosses' it shows 'pm'. and repeat this, i can make line 't3 bosses pm priest last slot' only using predictive text system easily. just touch word suggest. but after update, it doesn't work in Wardpear online chat only. and when i set "Auto spacing". predictive text go wrong. it shows only ',' '/' '?'. and i can't change or delete that. and English chat break. i can't type English empty space. when i want type 'english', it type automatically '/nglish' so i can't send message. plz fix this bug. and chat copy also doesn't work.
  11. When i buy miracle coins. it shows i buy no +50%. What the hell?
  12. Selling snow chest 20k set US-SAPPHIRE server Elf side 10set / mc side 20set left pm koriickpri(elf) / removingu (mc)
  13. I'm thinking change skill 5fireball 5stone shatter 5chain 3frostball to 5fireball 5stone shatter 3chain 3frostball 3 dragoneyes how about think this build? first build was good to me cuz 5 chain make me live many times but mana regen needed with my 46 regen with buff so i decided take mana regen using dragon eye skill. it will be good?
  14. some users doing this. The 'lose team' matching. So they cast all arena point to one person. i think this is almost cheat. they gain arena point not through ability but their money and the wrong system. i suggest arena matching with same team have to at least 5 min cool time need. so same team not meet again in 5 minutes. or same member (because they can regroup the party). anyway this matching system should be reformed.
  15. Sell [Extra guild pocket] offer price no noob US-SAPPHIRE elf side
  16. i need you to add a fansite banner(linked "http://cafe.naver.com/waron) name of Korean forum on "http://forum.warspear-online.com/".
  17. I'm a Korean user of Warspear and I kindly request following website to be official fan site of Warspear in Korea, designated by your office. "http://m.cafe.naver.com/waron" Upon your approval, I will submit a request to 'Naver', which a biggest web portal (equivalent to Google in Korea), to label the web site as official fan page for Warspear in attempt to improve the exposure to wider population. Despite of a great interest from Korean users, language barrier is a key obstacle in spreading the words to other fellow gamers and it doesn't seem like AIGRIND is planning on releasing translated version to the market at this point. I believe the webpage I propose to be official fan site will help to attract more gamers in Korea. The webpage will include but not limited to 'How to play','Quest guide' and so on. Please kindly consider my request and let me know if you need any further information in making a decision. Thank you
  18. my friend want make character in US-SAPPHIRE in chosen/firstborn side but he can't how to make him create character?
  19. Sell [ Extra guild pocket ] pm offer US-SAPPHIRE Elf side Leave ur price than i offer market
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