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  1. Reaper= heavy armor damage dealing dual wielding class. Its counterpart is the BD BD= Heavy armor damage dealing dual wielding class. BD is better than reaper in every aspect. Reaper has a burst damage skill but bd overall can stay alive longer and also can produce damage similar to a seeker/ranger in pvp. Reaper is very squishy right now. It has no shield and 1 defense skill- delayed death which takes the damage in increments. It’s easy for casters to kill and kite. BDs, DK, Barb, warden can all easily kill reaper if they are same amp skilled. Rangers hunters can also kill reaper. The game “balance” lies with druids and beastmasters in arena and mass battles.
  2. Barbs are only good full book full amp full talent otherwise they are garbage. Bds can beat barb easy (saying their books gear is similar etc) but none talking about this
  3. I have no problem adjusting this for map 2 war. I just think barb can be killed easier than people are making this out to be. I have (recently) seen 5-6 full amped players take 5 min to kill a warden. If you take away barbs Tanking abilities it’s hard for anyone to survive damage of BD, Ranger, seeker (bd is a whole other iissue with that shield being such a low cd and giving them a lot of damage protected.
  4. @Robin @snorlax @Holmes @Nolan @Hedfuc @LeeLoo Hey guys. It’s been a month of this post existing and there isn’t even a response on it. This absurd skill needs to go. Try having 2 of them in arena running around, you’ll never be able to move or use skills- let alone get to them. No other skill in this game has this radius. Please check
  5. I’m not sure if charmer is too overpowered. I think it can actually get a small buff and be alright. Yes they can stun a decent amount so you need resist to counter. Not everyone whose character you can’t kill needs a nerf. What character do you currently play?
  6. Hello again. The sentinel side has seeker, which has the speed of a chief in invisibility. A seeker can get out of combat invis and run and chase you from anywhere. The chieftain was designed to make the battleground more fair. I suggest getting stronger, the game isn’t going to go your way all of the time.
  7. Warden is STILL more tanky then barb at high level, and it’s not very close. Also may i add warden is tanky permanently. Barb just has an 8 second window.
  8. So barb got a decent skill and now you want it away? So MC can not do anything versus all the sentinel classes? Cant have everything your way, Elf still overpopulate and overpower mc with skills. Or can just fight with BD druid right now and see how overpowered it is? BD has been overpowered for 10+ years and has only gotten better. It’s never been touched. Normally when a faction is overpopulated for years we understand it’s an easier and stronger faction to use. Have a good day!
  9. Oh my friend your posts are all so interesting. You spam forum saying every single MC class is overpowered. Your posts are all over the place. In reality, nearly every server is way higher in elf population. See the above screenshot, that was battle for territories / Raid bosses in the past year. Have you played the same game as the rest of us? BD is the most overpowered class in the game. Druid is extremely hard to kill right now because you can’t get to him and has so many heals. When warden had a bad bug it was 100 mc could not kill, barb’s last wish is for 8 seconds. Finally mc got something that can stand up to certain elf classes and you will cry about it. My guess is you are probably low amped and geared and are upset someone with full arena gear killed you. I suggest you use this energy in game that you have on the forums to improve your character. I wish you luck my friend, but in the future your posts won’t be taken seriously when you have them all over the place talking about a different mc character each time.
  10. @Robin @Nolan @snorlax @Holmes Any update on this? It’s been over 2 weeks. Even if you guys are looking into it can we please get a response. This skill damages/stuns/ and slows and has a big area. How does a skill like this get out of testing? Are we playing the same game here? This skill is hard to reach any of the enemy and when you get more druids together nobody can move. Not to mention this skill is hitting pylon flag etc . Thank you and I appreciate all that you guys do!
  11. Hope this can be fixed asap, not only is it hitting Map 2 flag. Its area is ridiculous and when you get 2-3 druids together it causes chaos with 1 click of a button. This skill was supposedly “nerfed” after it came out, but there wasn’t much change to it. As you see here druids are spamming life scroll in map 2 war and the whole area is covered. 2-3k damage each druid/ life scroll. Please fix this thank you!
  12. mines 12/26/2013 :( Will we get these when we hit our 10 year mark, or is this only a one time thing?
  13. It’s kind of sad saying BD was buffed and you get harassed over it. Now to blatantly call someone dumb is uncalled for. Bd was buffed a lot, stop defending it because you’re worried. If you think my post is wrong. Move on, no need to name call over a forum game. The developers even said it was buffed. Move on. Hope you have a good day too.
  14. You are the only person on here that is saying BD is nerfed. Yes everyone is wrong but you. Read the post again are you absolutely nuts? The developer commentary even says it! -Flash strike= increased damage -They lost aggression skill and got another damage. -Counterattack now works more -Rush stuns 100% -Enlightenment now increases way better stats -Blades power now gives more buffs. -They can heal now 5% each auto hit I don’t know where you are seeing this, but it is obvious there is bias in your comments. Read through all theee comments, 99% of people that are talking about BD are saying it’s buffed including developers. There is no argument on your end. No need to get my eyes checked, i have common sense. Have a good day.
  15. Developer commentary: In most game situations, the Blade Dancer is used as a damage damager class, and only secondarily is it seen as a tank by players. For this reason, we decided to strengthen the popular role of this class, allowing the Blade Dancer to realize itself much more effectively both in solo battles and in mass battles, as well as resorting to the use of different equipment and skills. We think that Blade Dancer's positioning as a high-damage class will only get stronger going forward. @Raislin They were buffed. Few skills increased cooldown. This commentary tells you exactly what devs plan for bd.
  16. He is 100% right Developers are 100% clueless about the game. Buffing BD? Is this a joke? How many great skills do you need to give the elf side? 10+ years of not being balanced. I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars in that span trying to make my characters full geared and booked just to match up with the classes you buff on the elf side. Nerf shaman, rogue, dk, necro are you insane? Clueless developers, you are losing more players. MC side legion is nearly dead. More are leaving right now. @Nolan @Holmes @LeeLoo @Higgings @ whoever else wants to read this. Come out with this balance patch and you will kill the game.
  17. i agree, some servers are heavy on MC and it must be difficult for the sentinels: It’s almost not fun anymore because i don’t think the US sapphire has more than 100-150 active MCs
  18. I have been playing warspear since 2012. Mainly US Legion side but started off as an elf at the beginning. It has been underpopulated for a very long time, but never this bad. Years ago they made it so you could not create an elf character at one point only MC. Between the imbalance in skills and the population of elf rising in US Sapphire the MC side will be non- existent soon. Not to mention a lot of MC got discouraged and went to elf side. It’s sad because i have spent a lot of time and money on this game for developers to not care about a lot of things. I don’t know if there’s a solution at the moment besides a massive balance update.
  19. Yes not sure how often or the cooldown on this but i think it should be more frequent. I have around 15-20 names been trying for at least 4 months, same level one char and “action not available right now” I hope one day it could be 3 months without logging and less than lvl 10 maybe.
  20. Hello! Most unique and cool names are taken by level 1’s who don’t play the game. If a character is a low level and is inactive for a period of time can the names be removed so others can take? I spent a lot of time trying to find a great character name for some of my characters, and have found about 50 names i wanted all taken by level 1’s or 2’s. I know warspear does this every so often but it’s honestly not enough. Most of these names are taken for the name to be sold or just to have so nobody can use them. Thought this would be a good idea since i’m sure there are names out there players who actually play the game would want, instead of just sitting there not being used at a level 1.
  21. @Holmes Are we going to look at some of the Elf side skills also? Sentinels are overpowered ATM and when they post things on forum/ email warspear you guys come up with a balance patch. The last “balance patch” nearly killed most MC characters. Can you give barbarian or deathknight a shield as good as the paladin? Is that normal for warden to be immortal? Should 5 templar’s be able to push an entire guild away? I know it’s hard to make everyone happy, but MC side is struggling on population/ and pretty weak compared to ELF.
  22. @Nolan You said it was forwarded to devs. Did they go to skylore and stop caring about warspear? I haven’t bought coins in 2 months and will continue to boycott until major issues are addressed. Sentinals cry about legion skills and there’s a balance patch in 2 months. What does it take to get point across?
  23. Hey there. I would like you guys to switch the merman rep option on the daily rewards for those who have 35k rep or give them 1/2 options in case they want to study something. Knowledge would be a great substitution for this!
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