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  1. Developers, please make it perfect app so the game don't have bug or crush. And also we no need to download 2 times or more. 6hr is good for developers to create perfect apps.
  2. Now healers were tanker, so make healers to tank. Increase healers physical and magical defense.
  3. Oooophs! Still same problem, restoring and connecting...thanks I will download next day now my data over. Good Night
  4. I downloaded more than 5 times, at last moment it failed. Wasted of my data....... now website is offline.
  5. Devs are lazy to reply *z* thankz anyway. Good night.
  6. M going to buy mcions with sms, do i need to enter country code. Reply fast.
  7. Hahahaha elfs skills noob. Mc once again pro.... Thankz GM
  8. Don't complain of any skills, because developers already made that for you. They made they knows. Thank You.
  9. Why everybody complaining about BD's counter. Of course BD is short range that why counter help them.
  10. Why pala is slow? Why pala can't kill warlock. I wish if pala can use God of War Chain sword.
  11. If I replace latest expert skill with old expert skill, will I get back my old one in my bag.
  12. No expert skills this time, see last 6.0 preview released.
  13. Yes, it will come in future. Hope 2x2, 5x5 temple seals come too
  14. Please fix keyboard, we can't type messages when linked items.
  15. Quest limit was 150 but now 50. Hard to do GP for tournament.
  16. Ya, when I login my all characters were empty slot
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