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  1. @Jcbreffthanks a lot for clearly explain
  2. Hello! Last time I tested a lot of build on my paladin, but i saw weird think with skills cooldown. Idk why, but after crossing 10% of skills cooldown, every next value add general less skills cooldown in skills window. For example Purifying (1st pala skill) have 9 sec of cooldown, with 47,8% skills cooldown, the ability has 6 sec of cooldown. Correctly value should has 4,7s cooldown. This same skill with 88,3% skill cooldown, the ability only has 4,7 sec of cooldown. 4,7 sec its a value for ~48%. Correctly with value 88,3% cooldown, skill cooldown should has 1,05 sec.
  3. Ofc, you have right. There are activities in the game in which the warden finds himself, but in this case you are treated as meat. In rest of content you are treated as useless add-on. Unfortunately, Warspear is not the only game that has been going in the wrong direction for a long time, and where the voice of the community doesn't matter much. That is why Classic versions of games are so popular.
  4. I am not surprised that people are trying or just modifying the current tanks as a dmg dealer. During the current Halloween event, I still meet a lot of players who think warden is useless or not needed for this dungeons. And this is sad. The current meta, in my opinion, is based on off-tanks and a quick rush of everything, all thanks to the Lifesteal stat, which completely destroys the Holy Trinity system in Warspear. The Warden in its current form is too weak for the current meta and can easily be exchanged to another class, that can not only tank but also deal damage.
  5. Here is answer >> [2020.10.28] Game servers restart. Welcome the Horror Circus!
  6. @MistakeeCharmer skill range after recent skill changes is now 6 yards with relics. On barbarian 5 yards stun skill, you can't put relic increasing the cast range of the skill.
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