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  1. There is no most effective. Every skill build has an edge towards the other. Arena rogues would tend to have high points in gouge, whereas some had average build like full merc, jump, and stealth. But higher level has arrived and thus giving more points than before and give expert skills some increase. I would prefer to run 4/4 poisonous blades than elusive jump because of a logical reason.
  2. Rangers, druids, priests are weakling runners. Primitive Tribe 184
  3. Who is it? What would you prefer ? Highest amp/ most pro, or a girlfriend who'll love you forever ? (lets say you don't have)
  4. Doesn't mean you're a payer, you're a priority. Banner nerf is for the common good of the game. Not ruining it. Very simple. Don't be stupid enough to stand a Banner near mobs. Control your anger of killing MCs and use your brain instead of instincts.
  5. Let me guess. You're back here because of maintenance.
  6. What the heck, players too addicted and purely impatient, can't breathe without playing. Can you please wash the dishes while waiting?
  7. I doubt it. But I saw some at lvl23. Level 24 from 22 in a day is. almost as impossible as I'll be getting spawn's outfit. Do you agree in making almost whole Ayvondil a pvp zone? But it's happening anyways.
  8. If you've read this, you're a nerd who waits impatiently for the update . I typed this blindfolded.
  9. ouzaiir , Despair , LuizFRLima, Rokzz, Mscristinn, jasonxgen , Reuzic , HeBi , Munra, hamzza, angkorian , ahmtkyn, Boneshockr , Fire elementalist Warrior , taccu12 , qillazzidxx, ImSoHigh , coldravens, tictoc, Physik , Daeron , Koff , riizki, nabnecro, jairosito, Nielsen , Sneakypaly , gladiator , Nosotraes , Tiberium , xanrufenolx , Darigazz666 , xxdeaathxx , merticle, lydiathai, eghed, Attis , sasa , Fridrake , Daxximcz , necrodemo, Ismaeelhir, Counciler , Cultist , Deadgodlt , Porksteak , Fharlz, KLLARAX , Animagic , whyllian , ahmed samy ( thefuture ), devilrokas, Wewereallnoobs, The Ranmage, Woolfy, shisuii , Darksix , RaVaS, camaro.bogdan , aprilj (+ 4 Hidden) and 130 Guests are viewing this topic. Oh please get some life other than Warspear. Try to talk to your grandma while waiting for the update
  10. Air Supply. How many years you spent at school?
  11. Tlaloks, if my memory servers right, is in the southwest part of ayvondil. Just an FYI.
  12. Barbs, DKs, and paladins have a passive skill that allows them to equip shields. In this update, equipping shields now automatically adds bonus defence to all types of attack. Giving shields some edge.
  13. Banner will lose its previous nerve in populated areas like war or arena (5v5) . But pvp ing a paladin without any other mob or allies nearby is now more difficult. Increased duration and you'll gonna fetch all its damage. But I think the so called pvp cave won't lack any MCs nearby.
  14. This is what we MCs been waiting for No more OP happy days for you. Split damage. Example your banner deals 400 damage, and there are four (4) MCs in its range, damage would just be 100 I don't know if the split works on mobs though.
  15. cigma

    Rogue is OP

    I won't react Another kid being banged by rogues then cry.
  16. Differentiate guild and individual. Like GP spam is with sith and ticket Spammers' guild is not yours. What you actually want is ONLY FOR YOURSELF. You want your guild at top and you also want yourself at arena top? Bro, take a selfie with a shellfish.
  17. Elves are like China, they're overpopulated and low quality Monkey Clans 157
  18. Yes he is. But the owner is not. He passed an exam with a 2.3% passing rate. Why are the +10 MCs just sitting at towns?
  19. Only MCs have this Elusive Jump 143- I love you
  20. No I don't. No one does. Why do rogues can't equip x2 spear?
  21. A friend told me, a purple gear with missing stat is an incomplete gear. I think its a prerequisite to its next craft formation.
  22. This topic is a fail You complain for the ticket spammer? Because they can afford mega bunch of tickets? That's a Warspear life dude. Pay-to-win. If you want Arena Spammers to end their menace, you yourself too should stop spamming arena for GP. Your guild at top because you pay. To Them at highest arena rank , because they, too, pay. Your idea is selfish.
  23. I've been using my necro for quite some time; and didn't played it for months. But ever since I managed to complete her CL quests at lvl17, I've played her much more. But when I started entering the tower, I noticed a problem. I suck at playing support. Because of the rapid animations, I almost always heal the wrong target, like random heal. And have my teammates die because of cooldown of skills that are wasted. This is annoying. Am I the only one having this problem? Or I just need to keep practicing? Pls give me an advice.
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