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  1. @Holmes@Nolan могу ли я высказать свое мнение по этому обновлении для вождя? На 4/4 этот навык не защищает вас от других классов в этой игре. Уменьшение слишком большой. Теперь наш урон медленный, и нам нужно выживать. Этот навык должен быть скорректирован, потому что 20% недостаточно. Я предлагаю не менее 30%, чтобы он был эффективен против текущей силы оппонентов. Теперь противник легко может избежать попадания этим навыком. Я считаю, что этот навык должен иметь возможность отключать способность противника использовать навыки. Этот навык слишком слаб на 4/4 с новыми изменениями, потому что длительность слишком короткий по сравнению время перезарядки. Штраф за талант слишком большой, его нужно уменьшить до: каждую 1.5 сек. до минимума в 50%. Навык должен немедленно телепортировать игрока на конечную точку, а не после прибытие крысой. В этой игре слишком быстрое темпо для медленный телепорта, это слишком неудобно использовать. Надеюсь, вы учтёте моё мнение. Спасибо.
  2. Well made Poem, definitely fitting the anniversary spirit and the game as a whole. Hope you make it into the top awards as you deserve it
  3. This begs a question: does only 1 class get chosen to have an overall best guide? Or will there be a #1 winner for every class?
  4. Try it for yourself. For area magic damage you will need seperate magic accessories and magic type weapon like maul. With that comes the downside of magic replacing other stats like penetration, accu, crit. Once you want to deal good damage per second, you need a physical setup with phys accessories and weapons. This requires 2 whole sets, for both pvp and pve. I know what i'm saying, by bag is full of gears to switch into the proper scenario. Even skill point allocation is a headache, you cant have best of both worlds in area damage and single target. Now let's zoom into seeker: they build their character full physical, with one setup, and they allocate 3 skill points into "Attack Instict" skill, turning their basic setup into a top tier, viable area damage. And what you say about much more damage: if you mean lower, but continuous area damage, then yes. But our area damage scaled off magic and we simply cannot reach physical damage numbers. The area damage multipliers are low (~50% per tick), making a realistic case of 500 damage with 2k crits. How many chieftains have you seen with 2000 magic? The skills deal just 50% of their 800-1200 magic damage they have. Sure, they have continuous damage compared to burst aoe skills the seeker has, but the multipliers and possible magic amounts are low. So no, you are wrong. There is a clear inconvenience in seperating magic and physical for the chieftain, whilst the seeker can pump 2k physical and not worry about sacrificing more than 3 skill points if they want to have great area damage. The cost of achieving this is relatively cheap compared to chief. This is just an example of unfair comparison between the two alliances. If you want to seperate players into both sides, give both sides a fair treatment at the very least. No favoring one side for the sake of having most players there already. because that's simply what happening. Buff elf because most players are already elf, so you will make most players happy. Everything will have effect on each other, less mc players will result in less competition, less fighting and less interest in the game. Less mc players causes others to leave easily and it will simply cascade into a bigger problem which will become more difficult to fix. Everyone starts at pve content to grow talents and get gears, and as it is, being an elf player is more convenient in every way possible. More players, easier classes, less investment for the same performance, powerful stat buffs which are unique and not easily to acquire by gears. There is no reason for a new player to choose playing the mc side, when the grass is greener on elf side, and the problem will grow.
  5. Seeker currently has the unique abilities of a rogue, combined with the movement speed of a chieftain, area damage abilities like a chieftain, and damage reduction abilities like a chieftain. The stats they receive are physical power, and autoattack damage for dps. Their area damage skill mechanics scale off physical only. The class is super simple to play and by far superior to any mountain clan classes in this regard. Because it is so similar to chief, give chief their deserved autoattack damage or power buff to compete with such classes in pve content. It is simply unfair. A chief has to specialize in magic to deal decent area damage, losing all abilities to easily transition into damage per second. And even if they switch to a damage per second setup, the lack of basic power and damage increases makes it inferior to elf classes, even though they compare in class role. Seeker performs easily the same as a chief in area damage, and by far outclasses it damage per second wise single target. This needs revision because it doesn't make sense now that seeker has great defensive abilities. Stealth, massive damage reduction, and they keep their quick and huge damage output. Who is making these decisions? this is ridiculous As posted before, seekers simply dominate pve content. The issue is that elf side has an easy way of farming all their drops with this class. They take all the speed record runs and it is easy and cheap to create a very good seeker. While this is fine, at least give mountain clans a fair treatment. Give them equal strength to the class who fits the same role, the chieftain. Try to make both classes with the same setups and run a dungeon, see for yourself if this is fair. If that's too much asked then create any class and just check the weekly tournament: dungeons completed. And count the seekers taking top GP earned and dungeons completed. Popularity in chief is high, but seeker is a multiplication of that, and it is being neglected.
  6. I suggest to make sure that data is collected of activity from players and their classes after this rebalance update. Here are some of the impressive feats warspear has shared on their facebook as data collected: clearly there is nothing wrong with individual strength in elf side. They needed an improvement. I want to see how many necromancers are going to be playing in 2023
  7. I still don't understand why chieftain doesn't deserve a secondary buff on bestial wrath. If the reason is the ability to wear maces is the cause: then make chief able to wear axes or swords, and allow bestial wrath to increase autoattack damage with speed. This will lower physical damage skills but give a fair bonus for dps in return. Another idea: The skill gives 20% attack speed on dual wield worth roughly 5 enchantments on armors. Now it gives 11% penetration on 2 handers, worth 3-4 enchantments on armors. So it already lacks some stat in comparison to dual wield. Instead the chief could receive pene and autoattack damage on 2handers. This won't cause magic mauls to become overpowered but instead allows for more incentive to use hammers like these
  8. If we take a look at elf side dps buffs: Ranger has crit damage, Bd has power and autoattack damage Seeker has autoattack damage Now lets take a look at mc side: rogue has crit damage ranger has flat % damage increase It is 3 classes vs 2 classes being able to be built like a dps (damage per second, autoattacks) Chieftain definitely deserves a secondary buff on bestial wrath only for the sake to make it a fair contestant in bosses. Because currently a chief is being outdamaged by any other damage class. Keep in mind if a chief is built like an autoattack damager, they lose the ability to use area damage effectively, losing the unique traits of chief. So basically chief is only meant to be effective against mobs currently, not compete for bosses. It is 3 classes in elf vs 2 classes in mc. A chief cannot play a balance of magic and physical in between, it results in very low damage potential. So they choose to build just one way: full physical or full magical. Currently it is lacking physical damage per second potential compared to other classes, and full magical is not worth the investment damage wise. With eagle eye nerf, curse of plague should have been definitely REWORKED, not adjusted. This skill is not usable, and the key class talent does not solve it. Combat is too fast paced for a slow teleport and moving damage source to work effectively. The key part i would suggest is to add physical power buff to chieftain bestial wrath or to cat reflexes. But more so autoattack damage on bestial wrath would be more than fair. None of our mountain clan classes can obtain this stat by skills, compared to elf's bd and seekers.
  9. @Andy@LeeLoo@Dr Strange theres a bug in t3 map1 forsaken the yellow quests stop for some reason
  10. so, how about necromancer's skeletons inheriting depths fury as well? Actually, only strong skeletons spawned inherit crit damage at all. The weaker versions don't even deal increased damage.
  11. They already inherit penetration, accuracy and crit from a previous patch and the other stats were left out. Crit damage and depths of fury aren't arena related and can be added to the list. Rage can be left out if that's the issue, as well as lifesteal.
  12. As the title suggest, it's pretty straightforward. The summoned skeletons of a necromancer and pets of a charmer don't inherit the stats they should like every other class. For example a shaman totem does get crit damage bonus or depths of fury bonus, while the necromancer totem does not. This seems unreasonable and overlooked most likely since this makes sea weapons or guild passive for crit damage non effective for those classes. While necromancer may rely on other skills, many charmers like their dogs to deal the damage for them. All damage should be increased for all classes if those stats exist.
  13. Can we keep the full magic damage on 1h maces on the off-hand weapon for the chieftain class? Otherwise 2h magic hammers will outperform those in every situation which would defeat the whole purpose of the unique dual wield mace aspect of this class.
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