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  1. On 11/10/2021 at 3:23 AM, rafa9876 said:


    It's actually rather simple, assume a godlike +10 tank with full def enchantments, it could easily reach 10000 base defense.

    15% def buff from shield 1500

    15% def buff from guild 1500

    15% def buff from Deathknight skill 1500

    30% def buff from other source (scroll, shaman shield,etc) 3000

    = 17500 total def


    Then a charmer comes and uses its 55% def reduction, so

    10000 x 0.55 = 5500

    17500 - 5500 = 12000


     12000 defense doesn't seem like +1 def to me.


    This math does not change even if you are using pvp set, the defense loss caused by the charmer will never be exactly 55% unless you are literally on 0 buffs, guildless and not using a shield.

    Then how on full +10 bd? With only guild buffs? 

    -5500 deffense is indeed too op

  2. 11 minutes ago, Speedom said:

    Didn't you even read what I replied? Wtf are you talking about.😆 I was saying show me the debuff on you 12k def getting reduced to 6k my guy.

    u said that the math in this game is not always the way i think it works, which math exactly? State it, which?

    17 minutes ago, Cockroach said:

    also i will post it later

    And about this i mean about the Deffense being reduced from 12k to even less than 6k not the cd one

  3. 35 minutes ago, Speedom said:

    The reasoning is because the math in this game is not always exactly how you think it works. And it's to back up your statement.

    Like how it was with cd stat? Lol i know how to count cd stat properly, also i will post it later, but if it was just as i said then i take it that u agree that the effect needed to be reduced right? 

  4. 6 hours ago, Speedom said:

    Screenshot your defense when the skill is being used on you.

    Just look at the skill description and convert how much deff would a tank have if 12k deff is reduced by 55%. Not only phy deff, but also magical.


    It would be 5400 deffence lol xdd now thats sad

  5. Based on what i know, holy shield absorbtion is only affected by the lvl of the skill. Which basically make it useless on high lvl, 1 hit and the shield is gone. I have a suggestion that skill should also be affected by magic dmg and/or level of the character.

  6. On 10/16/2021 at 5:51 AM, Deimus said:

    1- Call its already good how it is! Its summons and do what they want! If you don't know bellow lvl 14 the energy that a Charmer have its very low for even be energy consumption when other class have more energy!!

    2- Combat healing heal a lot less that Shaman and Necromancer!! It heal at lvl 13 something around 20-25 hp at 1/5 the shaman and necro heals 95 hp at same lvl with 1/5!!

    3- Chaos assistant is already related with magic dmg less mdmg less atk and healing!!

    Nothing less than nerf was presented here!!

    If this its done i will leave WS for good!!

    I have charmer on lvl 14, i got 82 energy regeneration. Not that low, depends on how u build it

    On 10/16/2021 at 5:13 AM, Kamisama said:

    3-when charmer is stunned or is under any control skill , wolves will be also stunned 

    We need this the most. Its just unfair.

  7. Blessing is so bad for nowdays even in 5/5 build.....
    sometimes its not active at all
    and cant critical.....
    in old time blessing so good, can crit and give so much chance to active the effect....
    even ranger can deal 6x damgge in 1x attack.... thts the real ranger class.

  8. 1 hour ago, Higgings said:

    Participate means hitting the boss and staying alive until it dies. All you should do is finding a bunch of high level players capable of killing the creature.


    It's not soloable for low levels, but it's not impossible. Though, the "quest" was not meant to be soloed. 

    No, i tried it once. Doesnt work, also how to kill avenger ? 

    You dont expect an average lvl 13-20 to kill avenger right? :/. They said it should be doable for every lvl. Yet here they asked me to look for "high" lvl. Then why not give that quest to lvl 5 player? They also can search for high lvl to help them 

  9. 9 hours ago, zsefv said:

    No one demand because each category of each level bracket is controller by 1 guild or a hand of players if it's about low level arena. No matter how many rewards you would give, you will only help the op people that control everything and not the noobs. I don't know how to rework it either. Crucible was something new that I enjoyed, and I think that's the way to go in my opinion. Even the seals from now are kinda fun and there are some intense fights in it. :wind:

    Even the op is not demanding anymore what are you talking about xd 😂, they demand with lose pt only. Giving knowledge on arena is good, it will revive overall arena. On high lvl also you wont be shouting your voice out saying "GO DEMAND CRUC FULL ELFF UP LEFT WIN" XD

  10. 1 hour ago, zsefv said:

    Looks more like scared of high level arena to me =)

    Yes to you,  but still my suggestion is good to revive arena. Even on lvl 20-26 is ded. No one really demand anymore. We need to revive the system. Or maybe you got better suggestion?



  11. 1 hour ago, zsefv said:

    Why would anyone care about low level arena, since it's pointless to rank there because the equipment is so much better at higher level? The problem with low level arena is simple. It makes you stuck to a certain low level for 1 month, and people usually want to get to 28+ as soon as possible. 

    Why would people care, what a stupid question. :') because there are people enjoyed low lvl. 

  12. I'm thinking that maybe the arena system will be better if arena also give knowledge point like maybe 200 to 400 everyday, and we can gain point like 10-20 by winning or 5-10 by losing. Because by doing so maybe can revive the demand traffic on low level. I rarely see people demanding on low lvl nowadays except with lose party. Giving knowledge point might impact the demand traffic positively so we can enjoy arena without waiting like 20 minute to enter. 

  13. 12 hours ago, Avamanyar said:

    Lol I have heard of many players some takes even years to get +10. Have you seen rich players, old and new that are still +9?

    Yes, but they dont use 50 set sign every week :)

    10 hours ago, Ahmed Didar said:

    You can reach +10 on sea pearl with like 50 sets xD

    Right, actually i have many friends who just amplified their staff from +1 to +10 wit 64 set sign

  14. 9 minutes ago, Higgings said:


    What kind of answer do you seek from admins, exactly? 

    It's a cursed item bud. It happens. My staff lv14 took 1231 signs as well to be amplified. 

    Yes and u decided to stay quiet abt it, i dont :'). I need to know it its really work properly. If it is then it is :/, but i want answer from them.

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