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  1. its very sad, maybe evolution of this game is needed but in this game is needed also alot of reduction or removing of sht. Every class has 20type of sets, weapons 50~~ srsly? i understand 3 types of weapons but 50 and for every class it means 150? its stupid
  2. this is what i se after every yer and after every update. Alot of less players but you still add too much content, do we relly need every update new classes, weapons armours, costumes? adding new equipment is pointless. Why add more and more armor and other items when most of them are only available for a while and usually it's so short that you can't get them, mermen on the mc side is almost impossible to get, the latest armor from castles also, unless on the side of the elves. Why do you need 20 sets for each profile? Isn't it better to make 3 sets for each and some specific ones? the same goes for the profession. In skylore it is done much better. I wanted to go back to the game but I remembered why I quit. Too much is just not available. You can explain that I can get them, but to make a Dunegon I need armor and access which is also almost impossible to get. If the game continues to move in this direction, it will only have a disadvantage and the number of new players will be smaller and smaller.
  3. there is needed one more change. can u add one more rank bettwen explorer and heir? there is needed rank for inviting and removing players from guild buy without using skills. members torture heirs for using skills but its expensive and its problem at low lvl guild if we need gps to make lvl up rtc but nuubs dont understand it.
  4. because mc players old good players go to elfs side because mc side is weaka nd lose in events vs elfs thats why. Elfs are now only stronger and stonger. Elfs winning wars in every world, amber, ruby, sea, saphire but gamemakers not see what is wrong. elfs side i mean chosen and elfs have so strong skills like warden heal block, fortification and now he can decrease enemy dmg and increase urself in one skill, mage have shield all time and pene enchant at rings and crit ench att belt full hp and full mana all time and he can kill 3mcs players alone, warden immortal more information what is wrong is here
  5. i know warden have heal sometimes but he have. other classes have normal basic agro, so why? because this is new class? and old classes no needed heal help of themsselws? I dont know how good explain this problem but everything is in the post. Maybe rogue can kill bosses solo like mage but this is make not sense why is tank class so. Bosses need more spells to weak def and dmg or atack speed of players and tank healer can be more needed. So next.. I dont want to make elves weak but little balanced, why passive skill of dk is nerfed and load 2 mins but warden have heal all time when block this is make no sense. Wardens killing mcs at irselnort bcuse dmg of npcs and others heal them. Warden can be afk and other tank class can do nothing to him but deathknight easy dead by rogue mage ranger, barbarian the same easy dead but warden immportal and he can decrease dmg of player who atack him. Kids cry all time because they want to play without brain and now at elfs side only wardens are created and mages and sometimes druid no one more. You still thinking everything is ok? Mermen event only elfs win bcuse they kill mcs guild in one minute and event is ended for mc side. War? 3 mins 3 flags dead maybe i forget to explain or we need more replies to show the problem
  6. hello to everyone. I am writing this post because many people have asked me why I quit the game despite the fact that I like it so much and I play it from the very beginning. I think you all agree with me that the game is getting worse. The creators of this game listen to the wrong people, and as you know, a large number of players are just children who, as soon as they see that they are trying to weaken the profession they are currently playing, get furious and take to the forum and the changes that the game developers want to make to make a balance are almost impossible. Children are not constructive and many players who play this game lose their desire to just quit the game, or those who don't want to part ways create a character on the opposite side to have some fun with the game, although it hurts the side they played even more. U-speech in balance between MC and forsaken vs elves and chaosen. Currently, the game looks like that only the elves win wars, events and they only get stronger and the opposing side loses players who simply do not have the strength and nerves in this unequal fight. Warden who does not have enough healing while blocking, additionally has a skill that is hard for him to kill and he is hit very weakly, which in the end ends with the warden standing afk and no one can kill him. A warden who doesn't have enough healing while blocking, additionally has a skill that is hard for him to kill and he is beaten very poorly, which in the end ends with the warden standing afk and no one can kill him where the death knight if he hits the warden, the death knight will sooner die than warden and the same is with anyone who tries to fight a warden I mean rogue hunter where the death knight falls in a moment the same is with other tanks except warden. I don't understand why, despite the fact that the warden has blocking healing and a skill that reduces damage, he got a new skill that reduces enemy damage and increases it to the warden. no tank has aggression which additionally heals just old professions have the same skills as new but worse. the death knight got a lot of weakness but warden when the game developers proposed that blocking healing should be energized, the children fell into tears and the game developers withdrew the change. Do you not see what the game looks like? it just can't be played if it is played on the mcc side. The next profession that requires changes is the mage. He has a shield that lasts quite a long time and if you break it, he can turn on the next one. A meditation that restores the mana to its fullest is a joke. As a result, magicians who have huge hits put penetrations into the rings and critical ones into the belt. I've tried to do bosses with my friend recently and on bosses the mages just beat themselves bosses because they are so strong. When I tried to kill him with my friend and both of us were heavily upgraded (+10 weapons and armor) it ended with the mage left with full life and we both got killed. why the mage, despite being so strong, got another skill that removes positive skills from the enemy? Such a skill would be more appropriate if a warlock got it. The lack of mages getting under penetration, critical and cooldowns have a shield of a lot of stuns can weaken the tank by removing its dark shield when it comes to the dark knight or healing healers. The game on the elven side looks like the mages, warden, ranger and bladedancers themselves are created. Nobody makes paladins and other classes because they are unnecessary since the warden does not need healing and the mage. the druid has lots of stuns and a lot of treatment. no one makes paladins. We will never do dunegon merman on the mcc side if nothing changes because a team of warden and mages will fall and kill everyone without loss, because the warden will have full health and the mage has shields and after hitting the teleport which deals strong damage if he additionally chews comets that give the next strong injuries a lot of people will kill and eventually finish off with an attack and in addition chewing stun simply nothing can be done. the next thing is new skills like resistance. I do not understand why resistance is not added every now and then so that stony sometimes do not sit, you just need to turn on the skill that sometimes has or wait a year for special armor. It's strange that a much lower level can repel a high-level player just as much. If resistance was added automatically without requiring special armor or upgrades and skills, the tank would have normal chances and professions that beat at a distance would have to think sometimes. I am sad when I see what is happening with this game now, but if this is how the game should look like and if entering the game is to mean unnecessary nervousness and frustration because I will meet elves who will sweep me around or someone will leave the game or go to the elves' side. why play it. Look more closely at the developers of the game and stop listen to the children. I don't care about weakening the elves by some significant ones so that the elves are very weak and about some leveling of chances, looking at old skills and balancing them instead of adding new ones. Increasing the cooldown of stuns for each profession, Resist should grow as well as solidity Increasing the mage's shield cooldown and healing for blocking an attack would take mana or instead of healing it would have a positive effect or reflect damage by some percentage
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