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  1. I was thinking that maybe seeker can get a passive of some buff (not sure what would fit in the skill) where he gains the buff for a short amount of time everytime he moves so if the seeker keeps moving and hitting enemies then continues to move around he would keep the buff active at all times as he runs around which should be perfect for fast movement/flank character and increasing the level would make the buff slightly longer and stronger.
  2. Swamp is hated by most players because of the annoying rng and how long it takes for us to get anywhere but i still feel like swamp deserves a dungeon that maybe it would be much easier to get to.
  3. I think its best to have the skill rely on health regeneration runes because otherwise health regeneration would have no use in the entire game so this skill is unique and death knights would not have to be same build as every tank.
  4. It would be very helpful to input skill icons with explanations of what the skills of minions can do somewhere in the description.
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