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  1. Bro you go vs +2/+3 guys and think you are #1??lol
  2. I love it when i am with my druid :tease:
  3. From 120 chests got some costumes and Dragon Charmer 8) (Already sold :tease: )
  4. I got druid and why no they are with range atack.Most of druids run cuz their damage is lower then other classes :lol:
  5. NO!lts not enough only novice set.In EU-Emerald there is bd withouht novice set (Name:Idassile)and still winning alot now he is in TOP 20 in 2v2.CONGRATZ BRO!! :friends: :friends: :friends:
  6. Will be nice if can get costumes like dragonborn with ap
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