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  1. skoif


    To all my mates, I've crushed my phone at work so I won't b online for a wile sorry, now I gotta get another bloody phone
  2. Thats bloody epic! Im Tasmanian btw, ill add u guys and have a yarn when im next on ay, cheers for the replies guyz
  3. Ive asked almost everyone I know on warspear an no aussies but me and my step-brother
  4. skoif

    Highest Rogue Crits

    My lvl 13 hits 1680 max crit (no pots or scrolls)
  5. Ive played for about a year and havnt met any other aussies....
  6. skoif


    I wanna try my luck with Kahn ;-)
  7. Well ive found the cape, and got it cheap as hell, Cmon guyz! I need 2 rings and an ammy!!!
  8. skoif

    Knife or sword??

    I say sword sword because if u press your power hit just before your normal hit you will do your power hit almost at the same time (double hit) but this requires perfect timing, perfect for arena :-)
  9. I need the best ring x2 and the best cape to complete my arena monster And can I get prices aswell please?
  10. (rogue)And also price
  11. And also trustworthy armour
  12. Whats a lvl 13 gladius worth? Oh and whats lvl13 trustworthy light armour worth a piece?
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