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  1. Clara Hero


    why so lagg? :sorry: i have good connection but lag :cray: and this reduces my time :aggressive:
  2. BAD :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  3. thisis like a kingdoom game . not a starwars game and avengers game :facepalm:
  4. no problem if have 2 same name. if in 1 server cannot use same name that's only rule from game. Gm can change it . :drinks:
  5. I just tell :facepalm: ever you play ataltica game ? in atlantica game all player from different server can do arean, cahan and many more . Maybe you always play offline game :facepalm: . in offline game NO server :lol: .
  6. Hi GM , Heal Irselnort Make it better Place make it better Place. For you and for me and all player. You can make islenort have full colour . because so many lv 12 stop playing this game. because first island very beautiful and fullcolour. but when player from map1 go to map 2 he fell map 2 no have colour . and have hard mission.
  7. Clara Hero


    thats not afk :crazy:
  8. Clara Hero


    Nindaime dont have a dmg lol i think nindaime strong :spiteful:
  9. 4 ppl play warspear on 1 pc :lol:
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