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  1. Hey all! :friends: Im back but not permanently. I still wanna join ABC. Im not very active, but i will later. I know some of you don't like me, but i will try my best to get more trusted. So my question is.. Can i get a chance to join the guild? :pardon:
  2. hi guys can u plz like my facebook page, i need likers for my project thx for ur time https://www.facebook.com/pages/خدمة-وطن/487141444719205?ref=hl
  3. i voted, with u good luck and i hope u the best cya soon
  4. so ur saying that lying to developers and hiding the truth is better then telling the truth and ask for forgiveness ?
  5. ok lets say pokka the user now lost the account cuz he bought it and break a rule. so it fear to give it bsck to real own ?? also the real owner break a rule by selling it so lets call it a mistake forget everything and give pokkka to the user now. btw i was a friend of old owner pokka and he stoped playing cuz he got married and he gave his account to a shaman name mxm in eu then i guess mxm sold it so who reported old pokkka or mxm?
  6. wtf :facepalm:btw congratz mates SoS till the end and HAKUNA MATATA!
  7. xd i didnt see others threads
  8. lol then why arena staff no acci say swerch it with acc keep critical
  9. will u add astral to this staff so that if can be a staff worth waitings hours at sam to get it . can u? why always other classes get good items but shamans get noob items ? the moon is only for shamans and druids and if we use it , its like using a crap while warlocks getting op with it
  10. malekhijazi

    arena bug

    my friends are standing in far postion at the beggining of arena and when arena start he is reaching enemies before us
  11. voting locked lolaround millions of people play warspear and only 383 player voted so still millions of people didnt like and u still wanna add it to awards btw around 7d the awards announcements are late and that means the is a problem in finding awards did u think of changing the whole idea of reward like more gold wpn gear old rare costumes guild and arena points
  12. guys dont be objective maybe they out of ideas, although it would be nice if we get something useful cuz all other costumes i got im not using them now, only greench and i got bored from it also
  13. lol i dont think i will hurt someone if i joined sprng guildbtw i have my full brain power with my own opinions
  14. ok guys thx for ur time i gave up i wont ask for join in abc again so i remove my apply i guess i go with sos to rejoin my old friends good luck hope we stay friends
  15. well if u are a person then why u said when i joined in abc that i have been joined the whole day although i only joined for 2h and for arena and they way u said it really hurt me as if im nobody with no feeling
  16. idk what ppl tell u about me but take this advice dont listen to others go and search by urself
  17. forst i send only 1 pm and it was in a party chat with xmich and he told me to speak with members so i talked with all the members i could speak with and also helped me my pming me names of players i must speak and apologize. and i tried alot and many times to speak with members but crusang really made me mad, cuz i didnt know her before and she act like i insulted her in past and she is not ganna forgive me or give me a chance, that really insane :facepalm:
  18. if u wanna an entertain u must get a ride on my train not to watch it if u want a ride pm me ingame toot toot :crazy:
  19. shitzo if u think im begging to join well u are thinking wrong if u realized my friends trying to let me in and since they are trying hard im also trying to help them thx nida for ur hard work but it seems abc is not like what i realized :sorry:
  20. im only joining abc cuz their are people in abc worth to fight everyone in order to ge with them and help them to me i never meet any girl like evalynn nida and xmich and cindy they are a good ladies mario and jay and mecha helped me a lot in hunting getting card having fun, also i never seen someone leave party to inv me for killing sam but mecha did and he stay in sam and healed us with his necro not forgetting rapter my old friend who i trust and i help him every-time i can those people im joining abc for although there are alot of members hate me and cant or dont wanna forgive me but i will never give up cuz this game and badly is now made for guild and i want a guild for future cuz now im not a full active im game cuz of school but i can open few times per day to chat with my friends if u dont wanna imv me there is no problem to me, i can still talk with my friends from outside the guild but sadly i cant help them with amping the guild system or help them in future contests and as i read in forum guild will be lvl 10 and i was wishing to help them in that and more thx guys for ur help i hope we stay friends (good times 8)) sry for my english is not that good
  21. well did u see that :facepalm:she count the time we chat and take ss for silly chats any normal person do that :shok: btw my chat will be with shitzo
  22. who r u to tell me what to do? ohh no body plz stop taking to me i tried to be nice with u but u dont want so its ur choose
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