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  1. I wanna buy: - Lvl 5 Ice queen ring - Any damage accessories for lvl 14 BD if you have it you can pm me here or ingame ( Heathens lvl 14 BD - US Sapphire)
  2. yo guys ;D Emmm I wanna make a barb, so here some questions 1. Which skill should be maxed first from lvl 1? 2. Which is better? Using shield or 2h axe? 3. What set should I use for pvp and for tanking? Sorry if I ask too much questions, and thanks for your answer :drinks:
  3. Add my rogue too akemichi :D Name : Fierykill Rogue lvl 12 now, soon up again ;)
  4. ehmm beside warspear, i love to do : 1. Breakdance-ing :good: 2. Sports 3. Chatting (public relation usually) Fourth, which is the most important thing in my life, SLEEP 8)
  5. Let's do some gathering this week guys :drinks:
  6. Thanks a lot guys :drinks: I hope we can make some good memories with fellow member of LoS :friends: :yahoo:
  7. Lol so u are trisden's bro? :shok: well that was a surprise :blush: Well that's good.. thanks dude :drinks:
  8. i always do that :shok: :facepalm: lol anyway thanks and nice to meet u all fellow LoS member :drinks:
  9. Of course I will level up fast, I just wanna get the arena sword :drinks: And I'll follow the clan's fb group So, what do I do after applying to the clan? Did I immediately in to the clan, or are there some kind of observation before i accepted to the clan? Thanks before :drinks:
  10. I believe its me :blush: the guy that pm healallelf named fieryblade right? ;D yeah that's me :blush: Well as I said to healallelf, I wanna join I'm a BD, level 14, aiming to stay and collect arena points Hope u guys let me in :drinks:
  11. Nice war KAIZEN! And mcsaken too :drinks:
  12. Nice to hear that :drinks: can't wait to gather :yahoo:
  13. Hello nice to meet you all, I'm a new member of the clan :drinks: Let's do gathering sometime :drinks: I need to know better of my clan and it's member :yahoo:
  14. Can I join this guild? My in game name is Fearmenot, DK lvl 12, almost 13 soon :) and I'm from Indonesia I hope I could join this great clan :drinks:
  15. dege19

    Clan: TSP

    Can my rogue join? Ingame name is Swellz :)
  16. May i join? Name is Invert :) please consider about it :drinks:
  17. Agan2, ada yg jual gold gk di emerald? Elfchosen ato mcsaken, butuh gold hahaha Kalo ada ksh tau nicknya ya, kalo gk pm Fearmenot (forsaken)
  18. Well guys, the title said it all, i wanna buy lvl 13 weapon (sword/dagger) for my rogue, +0 is fine.. so please Pm me ingame if u have 1, my nick is Swellz Thanks before
  19. hey guys, its me Charms back again in this game :yahoo: i play at US Sapphire, playing druid lvl 8 with lvl 5 healing skill i got a question, if i want to be a healer druid, what skill should i raise next? thx for the answers :drinks:
  20. ok crush, thx for the opinion :friends:
  21. hey guys, i just made a druid awhile ago and i just wanna ask, whats the best setup for druid lvl6 for arena? and i also equip druid recruit outfit :blush: pls feel free to give ur advice/ opinion ;D PS : i think lighting bolt 2, heal 2, and root 2, what do u think? ;)
  22. hey guys, i just made bd awhile ago, and planning to stay at lvl 6 and do arena ;) and i just wanna ask, what the best skill setup to do arena lvl 4-6? feel free to give ur opinion, and thanks in advance :drinks: PS: i think of Flash strike 3 and sap 2, is it good? :)
  23. oh i see thx for the advice :drinks:
  24. hi guys, i just made a ranger awhile ago now i already hit lvl 4 with skill : PS 2, SS 2, RB 1, EV 1, Trap 1 i do arena 5 times and win it all :yahoo: now i planned to hit lvl 6, and i will get 1 more skill poin but where i put it? any advice?? Thx be4, and sorry for my bad english :drinks: PS: tell me if my skill setup wrong
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