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  1. Lol like in old times.. Every1 was so poor, we looted naked because repair costs was awesome high, and mobs drop only few coins (1g!). Old version the best, now game is focused on real money shop. Better quit it before u need to pay for every login to game.:)
  2. Every f2p games are ruined by "micro payments" sooner or later, where rich guys are the best. Ist one of the reasons why i quit that game long time ago. I remember that one of the devs said that shop will NOT change stats of character, just appearance of it. If thats really happend? Looking at game now (runes and other crap), i can say it was a true lie.. P2P are the best - just look at WoW. I popped up and go away again, for some months. Maybe when i back game will be better, like in old good rank times. :)
  3. I got same problem, but i writed email to support (Kuzmitch said to do it) and after 2days i got my mc back. Tq support team. ;)
  4. I cant insert low runes of fortidue into my rings.. Why i buy that then? Eh.. Edit: Okey now i know why(tq Sulla). S for useless post lol.
  5. 15 dailys per day? I dnt have time to do 4per day! 15dailys should took around 25h to do it :P
  6. R3van

    MC noobs

    Mc was raped by elfs from the beginning of game (barbs and rogues) and we didnt cried. Now its our chance to payback. ;) Anyway i still never atk first any1, as far i remember elfs always start to atk first..
  7. 1 nothing more to add. Sulla is right. Ps: if shamans still dont have cooldown between atks, i dnt want it too on my rogue. :P
  8. Same here, i didnt get anything..
  9. Yea, hp/mana fill should be doubled, if u have 30 then it should refresh at least 60hp per 5sec. And mobs are too crazy! Its dangerous to even walk near lower lvl mobs! Something is not right! And damn miracle shop eat money but dnt gve coins in return. Eh.. Waiting for patch now.
  10. Lol i should buy vodka for that money. ;)
  11. I got weird problem with miracle shop.. I tried to buy 340coins twice at game, and both time i got sms "sorry! Service not working".. But i lost my money! Wtf!
  12. R3van

    Upcoming update

    U guys are rep lovers? Then give us 1rep per every 10mobs killed. Work same as exp but its still will be rep. ;P
  13. R3van

    Upcoming update

    Heh u think what i did now? Better to pay my money to other games. ;)Ps: gud luck at dailys for ~10rep. Life/time drainers. I hope that rep cap will be raised for 100k, and there will be only dailys available. Well.. Really gud luck there. Have fun ;)
  14. R3van

    Upcoming update

    I quitted the game tq to rep system. Ppl complain that exp system is bad because ppl will grind whole day, but what everyone do now at dailys? Grind at mobs to get damn daily loot! Exp system is at nearly every mmo game, and its best. Right now game is boring, because there is nothing to do besides dailys (100 to get rank, which is a nice joke, i start to vomit after did around 20), helping others with quests, and wars which give nothing (just lower ur karma). I will back to game only when exp system will be implemented. (if it ever happen). Thats all i have to say.. Ps: I waiting to see posts like "u suck, rep ftw" now. ;)
  15. Buy itm from bosses? Elfs are really lazy.. Always go to easiest way.. +nobody is stupid enough to sale it. :P
  16. Druid/shaman lighting bolt is bugged, that why magic class is owerpowerd. On rest of class u need to wait to use skill to next atk turn, n waste normal atk using it, but on wizards u can use lighting bolt while normal atks, no need to wait for next atk turn, that mean u can deal 3crazy atks in nearly same time. I hope someone understand wtf im talking about. :P.
  17. Turn off the sound! Imo it drain alot battery when u use edge/3g. On wifi everything work perfect for long hours.
  18. I was 'young' when we played that game.. But that game was always fun, so much drama there :PAlso right now i dnt have much time to play any game. Waste my whole free time doing dailys? No way! I have better things to do. :) New character? No tq. Doing everything from beginning is like boring dailys. I wait for update, n after that my rogue will kick druid ass. :D
  19. Its not worth to do 120 dailys to get rank.. I quit doing daily after week or more doing same time eaters crap again n again.. 1daily take around 40min-1h on rogue. I dnt need rank 5 right now, without skills it give nothing anyway, maybe more hp? Phew tq to unbalance druids rape rogue in 3-5hits anyway. I will get rank 5 in normal way on 3rd island. I prefer exp system like in most mmo games.
  20. Never! Vodka is more important than game. I will be online later. :D
  21. Sorry guys, i cnt help with guards today.. Vodka party day. :P
  22. Auto loot bot. cool it will be first hack in game. :crazy:
  23. Count me in. If i dnt be busy.
  24. Everyone have his own blacklist.. No point to write it here. Personally i have just one elf team in blacklist. (some ppl know who they are)
  25. Indeed some time.. Around 2sec after we beat him.. Moon dnt even get time to pick up loot. Also all of us got nearly 0hp left. Congratulations for gud mc hunt! U guys should be proud now! *revan clap his hands*
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