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  1. That'd be nice :friends:
  2. Lol my bad :lol: but now you know, hunt solar/lunar till they decide to be kind and drop you those astral gauntlets. Wish you luck ;)
  3. I love the idea. Just.......... If you wear this costume, i won't invite you into my hunting party, don't need any more bad luck than the already really low drop rates :lol:
  4. I say what goes on in my head, and phrase it nicely. It just turns out to become an essay :rofl: :lol: but if you read what i say, its my train of thought. A thing that should be noted, listening to constructive criticism is just as important as listening to complements. Its all to help improve upon what's already there. Learn from the criticism, and do more on what's being complemented.
  5. :facepalm: I may have a shaman, but i have the mentality of an elf
  6. knox, sunsmall and some other druid who's name i forgot has 286 heal :good:
  7. There's a guide for drops :) http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=81677.0
  8. Killerjr is killerass, a very good friend of mine and is no scammer
  9. Take a look at what you've written, there's so many spelling,grammar etc mistakes. How could you expect someone to understand that? Don't tell people to go to school when you need to do so as well. :facepalm: :facepalm: I think I've said enough on this, so lets just get back to the matter at hand
  10. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: Should i give you an example of what it means? Its like blocking an inhaler from someone who has asthma :facepalm: its cruel that the something that helps you stay alive is being blocked from you. Sure the blocking going around now is annoying and a pain, but the block nothing that you need, just want. There's a huge difference between needs and wants. And I'm kind of tired having this arguement with you. Its your idea, thanks for trying to make warspear more fun and exciting, the game needs something fresh. I just don't agree on certain iss
  11. Um idk if id want to see my character beheaded :tease: :bad: :wacko: But yea id like to see my enemy turn to ashes when the lightning strikes :yahoo: :dirol: Just don't have have one for bees swarm death... that would be gruesome :bad:
  12. Sadly our control over hydra lasts longer than a few hours only on 2mil hydra days :lol:
  13. If you're a druid/shaman, heal yourself first if you see your teammates taking the damage then heal him. You are normally the first thing people want to kill so heal yourself. For necros/priest shield yourself then heal your teammate. When you know your not going to make it, heal/shield your teammate cause that may be the thing that helps you win. If you have a healing partner and you yourself are a healer and you're up against a druid/priest+ranger team, sometimes killing the ranger first is better than going for the healer.
  14. Wow their situation sounds way worse than ours :bad: for us, at least the idiots leave when they get bored
  15. Then those people are inconsiderate and have not much morals. :facepalm:
  16. Corpse of hydra thief :facepalm: had to have your own faction kill you
  17. pheonixflyy


    Ok so I'm going to ask this simple question: why do you even do it? :facepalm: Today at kortavva I've seen about 3 thieves. At hydra, it was a 2mil day and everyone was just waiting to steal each others yellow/blue hydra. Why? Why steal steal the kill when you could do later? The first person who steals just starts off an endless vicious cycle that would have people stealing the others kill because someone stole theirs. I was at hydra for 3 hours waiting to be able to finish the quest(no life i know). Thre was this ranger that just kept stealing even after he was done and everyone was af
  18. Ok i can see your point on almost everything but oxygen and attack speed. The attack speed is based on dexterity yes, however if you slowed down walking speed, how would this be fair to someone that kites? You stun the guy, run away, but you run so slow that when the stun runs out the enemy can use his stun and kill you. Take example a necro and ranger. Necro uses their stun, ranger stays while the necro runs. He hasn't made it half way by the the time stun wears off and ranger starts to attack. Necro would most likely die because he can't run away. As for oxygen, its just going to
  19. I do go to school, its just i couldn't get what you were trying to say because the english was quite bad. So don't try to tell me that i need to go to school, when your sentences aren't even in proper english. Another thing you might want to know, my mother is an english teacher and has taught at a prestigious school in my country. I went to that school. Also, that school has one of the highest english and literature standards. Look, i get that english isn't your first langauge, but don't tell people to go to school when they can't comprehend what you are trying to say.
  20. Then i'd suggest them being decorative skins because honestly, we don't need new equips when we have better ones already in the game. My bad forgot about the captured shamans part. So now if you removed captured shamans, there would only be 2 quests that drop lvl 18 equips?
  21. So you would lower the speed of players walking, but not how fast they attack? Where's the logic in that? How would this be fair to someone who is getting attacked by an opposing faction? Sure you stun the guy, run, but guess what? he attacks you so fast and your moving speed is so slow he kills you in the end. If you were to slow movement speed, slow attack speed as well. As for bows not working, a bow is different from a xbow, xbow takes a longer tme to shoot a more powerful shot, that's why they deal a greater damage than bows. Its how its Ok won't really comment on the royal family t
  22. Sorry I'm using a phone and can't type much in this small box. Anyway, continuing.... 5. Is there really a need for new equips? There's already lvl 17 lab items and lvl 18 not to mention that arena equips are one of the best now in the game. What more could your new equips offer that hasn't already been done? There's also event items like from christmas and halloween. However those items aren't used as much because they aren't that useful compared to the equips that are easier to get and cheaper because they aren't that good. 6. What's the point of the ancient sea dragon? Is it just
  23. Where to begin.... 1. Shooting arrows underwater is pretty much useless because you can't gather enough force for an arrow to work right. As you said about walking underwater, everything moves slower. Thus rangers would be absolutely useless underwater and an ocean prince would not use a bow 2. Why would a royal family be in the same cave as a sea monster? At least give it separate locations otherwise who woud want to kill a sea monster when they could get more costumes killing this 'royal family'? 3. Who's to say one faction wouldn't kill other by blocking the oxygen spot? Then
  24. I thought that the point reward would go to the whole team, not just an dividual.... :unknw:
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