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  1. Adding this to my guide index Great for newbies, good job!
  2. This is a bit of an experiment... When I was a kid me and my family used to play this game where we would make a story by going around in a circle and saying one word each. I've never seen something like this on a forum so you guys are sort of the judge on this. Rules for playing; -Only say 1 word in your reply! Any other message can be put in a spoiler if necesary -After submitting a word, you must wait until another person has typed their word before you can type yours -Any pictures etc must be put in spoilers (obviously!) -The word must be grammatically correct! -Most importantly, enjoy it! If anyone purposely breaches these rules, their replies will be ignored and their names will be posted below to notify users as of who to ignore. THE STORY SO FAR...... Once upon a time Seduce was sitting, eternally rooted but also svartalfheim(Dark poop) had dinner. The virgin Michael saw Jigsaw running like Madonna towards Beiber. Ghandi saw a cow and tried anal but sulla began to plunge into applepie Americano because the monkey man squirted on mercurial and licked seduce and turtles hand shot into a mans mouth. Poley is biting sulla's cat while riding dolphins. Sulla sucked at Mercuriall's toe then he cuddled a duck poley and unicorns are real, although fatique. She began to rape a polish octopus after the/a team kicked thousand(s) unto the dinosaur. It tried sucking a stick of a witch, then a frog died. Jonny ambush elves and rips off their ears which were very stinky. The ears also make some squishy noise, because Jonny is not strong enough. He decides to go exercise for a contest beauty, so sexy. It grabbed spongebob hotdog. Then he shake his ??? at that thingy in sandy's hand was your toe and it stomped on poley's toe. Nida tried but her hands were sticky and warm from chocolate. Jonny and Sulla raped their bananas. Poley and Roland watched Kuzmitch and Sulla eating Mioco's tiny kittens that tasted delicious, because it smelled fishy then dried the bones like a horse after sucking the smelly broomend, sulla felt quite horny ever! So, he started licking Hassn's wallet, which was very heavy, Poley climbed up the mountain, and she sang a poem about Sulla's huge Toes. Meanwhile, a wild snorlax awoke inside sulla's room and suddenly died of obesity. Afterwards, Jswaaz started started trolling himself without condoms, but with a banana. Poley ordered Jswaaz to lick soap, although his friends were helping him to suck a delicious lollipop! Chickenfly ate "krempita". Legion went into another hospital because Sulla shot Legions butthole badly. Then, without his pencil, he left his butt named abortion. Walrus saw a pornstar and went deeper. Suddenly, herpes appeared spontaneously!
  3. Ryan reynolds, and as for why... ask any female... What is the rule about how many dates you go on before the car can meet the peach?
  4. Rotting flesh? (Its become detached for some reason.. ) So what angle is your iphone bent at now then?
  5. 1: Nickname on forum and link to profile Defi 2:Name Deklan 3:Age 19 4:Country England 5:Education Finished my GCSE level exams in 2012, got all around good grades but excelled in English language, English literature and Spanish. Moved on to A levels and they followed a similar trend, as in I excelled at languages above all else. Currently planning on going to university to study a joint honours in English and Spanish. 6:Have you ever work with game communities? As a matter of fact I have. I've spent the last few years playing multiple social games such as Kingdoms at War, Roman empire and emross wars. Most of the time this involved being either a captain or leader of a guild (some populated with up to 150 people in). 7:Forum administration/moderation experience When I was around 12 years old, I was slightly (bit of an understatement) addicted to a little game called habbo hotel. On this game, there was a constant need for forums and I, being the opportunist I am, decided to learn how to make and run servers propperly so I could get payment from the "clients". Looking back, the experience I gained from trying to get some free coins is actually astonishing... 8: When do you visit forum? Honestly, I went through a stage of not really using the forum very much but now im back and im genuinely using the forum as much, if not more, than warspear. You can usually find me skulking around from about 3PM (GMT) and onwards late into the night 9: In your opinion, what do you think a moderators job is? Having a good forum atmosphere is like baking a cake. Everything has to be put in measures. Too much of one thing and not enough of the other will come through. A moderator is the baker or the cake. They can make or break a forum as, wether they like it or not, they set the precedence for others to follow. So long as a mod is good at measuring these ingredients and using them in the right way, you'll have a lovely chocolate cake at the end of it. 10: What kinds of events for the forum could you suggest to increase users/guest interest? In my personal opinion, the best types of events are the ones based on simple concepts; If more people feel that they could do something, they're more likely to join in.I suggest doing something such as regular tavern games, with small yet greatfully recievable prizes for taking part (this could involve suprisd chests or MCoins etc). 11: What type of forum contest/competitions can light up the forum? Again I refer to the participation because of the simplicity of the contest. I believe a contest that involves doing something creative, yet easy to get involved in, will be a lot more succesful than one that over-complicates things. In my opinion, things such as',"day in the life of a monster" work much more effectively than things such as drawings, in which you have to upload seperate files just to even be entered 12: Why are you applying to this position Honestly, I believe that, given the chance, I could very much help to get the forum along the same road of development as the game itself is going. As put it, times are changing, so why should the forums be neglected? I just want to sprinkle some Defi-dust on the forum and fly it off to neverland so it may stay forever! 13:What forum section would you like to take care of? Guides, tavern and/or class discussion if possible 14:Do you have a skype account No, but if you ask me to im sure I could make one easily enough! 15:Game-realm, nickname, guild Emerald EU, Definition, Olympus
  6. Football, with real footballs, that roll, like BALLS do.. Ever google imaged cheesey peas?
  7. depends if the first lady is free too.. How do you fit 100 pikachu on a bus?
  8. Has nobody mentioned attack on titan yet? That shows AMAZING! Big titans be like, "we wanna eat you humans" but humans be like,"nuh uh" and hide behind a 30ft wall... unti a 30ft titan kicks it down and the titans devour a few people
  9. Defi

    Legends pasts : Story

    I've been debating carrying the story on, especially since im taking courses in english language/literature so this would go hand in hand with my coursework. All im saying is keep your eyes open
  10. Testicular contortion twisting, many a man will agree on that one... Would you rather eat chocolate flavoured dung or dung flavoured chocolate?
  11. I like the idea, I think we should keep it active again
  12. To watch dragonball What's the best thing about where you live?
  13. Birmingham, England (we have the worlds biggest canal network ) Naruto or dragonball?
  14. Unfortunately for misso weewee, yeah I do If you could either fly or teleport, what would you do and why?
  15. No, my cardboard box is immaculate! Attack on titan OR fairytale?
  16. Can you change my name to "DefiPosts" please?
  17. Defi

    MCoin popups

    Hey Delta and youre absolutely right; like I said earlier, there's a difference between deception and advertisement (quite an obvious one actually) and these pop ups cross it
  18. Definition, lv20 dk What's pi to 5 decimal places?
  19. Defi

    MCoin popups

    Do you, personally, believe that that response is adequate? I don't..
  20. Defi

    MCoin popups

    Even if you scripted in that you had to tap the item and THEN buy the goods you could get away with it, the problem at the minute is just the misleading way that its placed on the screen
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