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  1. I miss sorcerers :sorry:
  2. . I will join back when lvl 4 .... O:-) :lol:
  3. yeah i in that picture :yahoo: im sexy right? :blush:
  4. LMAO :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  5. this is nice costume,but others is better ..idk how dev judge :facepalm:
  6. Timekat,marceline,mofh and mokra .. :bomb: :dirol:
  7. wew ~~ today match my mage with level 9 set :lol:
  8. nice :lol: i will buy it if u win xD
  9. i dont need ur respect :dirol: like i said before sometimes ppl win ,sometimes ppl lose ;)
  10. MY mage with lvl 9 weapon xD :drinks:
  11. next time i will take ss and show ur op shaman lose..u also lost that match .. ;)
  12. i also have mage and ranger if u play well u got good result :good:
  13. newbie or old is nothing ,i already killed u so many time on arena with 0 dmg and also killed u at swamp...yeah sometimes ppl lose and sometimes ppl win . dont make excuse like warlock is op. ;)
  14. LOL do i say anything? xD what a shame argentinop make 1142 dmg ..and u 0? :dirol:
  15. Gl bro..and i want it in black+red colour :cray:
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