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  1. Seems like Warspear isn't working on the new Mac OS X Yosemite. Just a FYI.
  2. Nothing is wrong with this skill. The heal amount varies and can be unreliable at times due to the very wide margins of heal amounts. Along with that, Druids cannot use it on themselves, nor outside of a party. It's fine.
  3. Do you need gold trophies in order to be classified a tournament winner? Or do silver and bronze trophies count as well?
  4. The cool down time is NOT the problem with the dark circle. It is specifically what the skill does which grants far too much power to just a single player in big party situations. Noticed how elves do not have a skill that can compare to it? A skill that with one circle can stop an infinite amount of players caught in it from movement, using skills, and even attacking? One of the three needs to change for it to restore some balance.
  5. For real. That dark circle of you warlocks has been too overpowered for too long now.
  6. Wow from reading those screenshots it's easy to denote what happened here. He wanted you to specifically change your id to an email that he created so that he could "recover" the password of your account to the new email address that you changed your ID to. By naming it "[email protected]," he made it seem slightly more legit. Did you not notice that he kept denying your shorter email "[email protected]?" Overall I'm sorry that this occurred to you. It was nothing more than a scam that occurred here.
  7. As we can see, this class has been the most controversial class when it comes to its pvp aspects. It has become utterly obvious to this point that the warlock class is an exploit and/or "loop hole" in pvp matches. The devs sort what they thought to be a solution, reducing the lasting times of dark circle etc... by 15-20%. When these reports first surfaced itself, I knew that this would bare little to no effect on the issue we sit on right now. When they are in a group (5 v 5), these skills stack upon each other and ignores this 15-20% decrease in time if the skill is continually stacked. SO what is the solution then? It's quite simple. Look back to the elf equivalence to a warlock (A Mage). Their "holding" skill chains, pushes enemies away and takes away all mobility. The weakness to it is that all skills can still be used, allowing for a balance to still remain there. This skill would be considered a weakness to only melee classes and not bare the same effect on distance classes. SO why do Warlocks have 2 completely stunning skills that can be stacked? We all wonder that question and from experience have seen that it is granting too much power to a single class. How do we fix this without removing any of the warlocks current skills? The fix lies upon altering dark circle's bare effects. The duration in the skill isn't the issue, its moreso of what happens to the victim while the skill is being used. If Dark Circle is altered to where it only and ONLY prevents the victim from moving (much like earthquake & chains), it would help restore some of the balance to the pvp aspects of the game. If a warlock desires to stun an individual, fear should be the only desired skill to do so (in similar fashions to a shaman's stuns & skill setup). Should this be the only change to a warlock? This is a very good & controversial conversation to entertain. First beginning with, what else would be changed? The only other minor change I could see possible without hindering their power too much would be to slightly lessen the success rate on Dark Circle so that it can't be stacked as easily amongst 5~ individuals in a given match. It should only dramatically lessen the success rate when 2 or more circles are placed on top of each other (maybe a 50% success rate?). When not stacked, allow for it to be used in the same current fashion we have now so that some skill & teamwork is necessary in order to have great success. Let me know what you all think. I would be very curious to see everyone's opinions on the proposed changes above upon fixing the exploit.
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