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  1. please don't post on my thread if you can't use proper grammar thanks. also if you're some poor third world country duck don't bother
  2. lol ban me I'll be back in 5 minutes through a new browser
  3. hello my name is Michael I'm 23 years old from Stockton California, I recently put a thread up of the same name and it was deleted by the development team. well I want everyone to know that I've been a loyal fan of this game for 2+ years invested well over 400$ of US currency and 100ks if in game gold. recently I fell victim to a scam that resulted in my acct being hijacked upon submitting a ticket to the warspear support team with enough proof to show I was in fact the original owner my acct was banned. now I WAS THE VICTIM AND THEY BANNED ME. and the icing on the cake was when they told me that my acct had 4 owners and they didn't need to show me any evidence of the rules being broke. so basically the development team is the russian mob and steal from people. if you still choose to play beware when buying miracle coins. there have been many reports of the development team taking the money and not givin. the coins. and ATTENTION AMERICANS due to the out of country development team any wrong doings to American players aare shunned please be careful
  4. my account was recently banned after he was scammed WTF I was a victim and I'm now banned I sent tickets and screenshots showing me to be the owner of the account only to be told the acct had 5 owners from 4 countries. ..THIS IS BULLSHIT. I sat by and spent money on your game over 400$ can you please have some decency and respect for your fans someone who made this possible. who invested in you because I enjoy the gams please give me my acct back. ..the acct couldn't have been owned by 5 people I LEVELD THE CHAR I bought the mcoins that helped amp full +10 and though I may have allowed another to log on I AM THE OWNER AND CREATOR
  5. I'm not understanding this. you mean like a guild reward but only for the leaders of the guilds? after a tournament?
  6. also it points out in the email sent that continuous violations may result in a temporary or permanent block of your account. I was scammed yesterday and filed my first ever ticket in two ducking years and its an auto perma ban
  7. ayyyyye dmolish again. so I just have a quick question. I've sat by for two years invested over 400$ in amplification failures and guild tournaments 100ks of gold in chest for the holidays. 100s of hours leveling and questing. yet In this email I am told that I was permanently banned and the support team is not obliged to give me any proof and reason as to why. now I don't understand this. I was a victim of a scam and because of this I was banned. now every effort put in to become top 10 arena 2v2 or to achieve a full +10 critical enchanted set was wasted.. can you at least show a mother ducker some love and shoot me a 20 spot or something
  8. ;D ;D thank you to the quick response of the aigrind team in a scam that occurred yesterday. tho my acct was permanently banned I'm not even mad. means some ducking sand ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ain't running around on my character. I'm definitely not gonna continue playing but I definitely wish everyone luck and have fun 8) >:D
  9. unlike many If I don't get my char back. i will not continue playing. it would show lack of ethics in gameplay and its securities. I sent tickets I have obvious proof of the scam and the proof I am the owner of the account. there is no reason I shouldn't get it back and if I don't it shows lack of responsibility from the devs.
  10. sent. where is airgrind located out of? the development office?
  12. and like I said if I can't get it back, just delete it. he definitely don't deserve to play it. and quite frankly neither do I for being an idiot
  13. I never gave him my password. he was never allowed access he broke through my password which is for security purposes thus he hacked
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