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  1. I was thinking about creating LVL 1 ranger and I see oldies leaving one by one. I am gonna regret for it
  2. It was before 2012 as far as I can remember
  3. I remember you, Used to call me queer-fashioned. Always quoting my post with something I don't liked. HI there
  4. It would be better if I had mouse at that time. And I am surprised to know you still play it . May be I will join again but the updated ruined the game. It's not same anymore. Back in time it was perfect and made the most out of it. I guess devs should roll back some changes.
  5. Here's to things that Warspear Online left me, have a look. You can see old players here. Vigachan just lvl 14. The pic is of my friend and video of random US- Sapphire players. VIdeo link:
  6. I am long gone old player and stalked at forum again just to see if any old friends there. However,I missed you all. Though I can't find any known user in this forum and most of them have quit. Still if some user may know me. I've played as "Rajiv" , "BCX" I just want to know if any user here play Dota 2. Also I would like to add them
  7. Great, still her friends can be in touch.
  8. One of the best player gone . Hope she'll back. May be she is already in, we just don't know
  9. Thanks Angelo. However, I am unable to recognize you. Can you name some of your chars? And where's LadyGi? I need to apologize. Expecting help from everyone I know
  10. My friend changing his login info I used to play MC "Bcx" long time ago
  11. Thank you. You look more beautiful than before.
  12. HeadHunter

    Back Again!

    It's been such a long time I was away. Missed you all. Everyone who know me as "Rajiv" add "xjesisx"
  13. HeadHunter


    Hello everyone, You all may be aware about scamming and probably think just sharing account username will not hurt. We had scammers, now we have hackers. If you just give your username only you'll get hacked. I reported to forum after my account was hacked and as a result my account got bloked. Leaving this game, will miss you all. Have fun
  14. 5-10 Harad Banner at control points and the entire MC faction will suck.
  15. Hello admin, My account has been hacked about a week ago. I pm my char and he says account bought for 20k Miracle coins. I can provide all information of my account. Number of chars, their level, gear, guild, etc. Can recover my account? Please help me in this. Below is the screenshot.
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