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  1. What do you all base your rankings on, Just being curious.. Is it just observation form the gameplay or is it actually backed up by some numbers? Or are you just arguing the toss for the sake of proving who's the witty one? Enlight me please. :facepalm:
  2. AI is on holiday till the 9th, no one replies unless you'd like a chat with bot.....no this one is not happening either cause they forgot to switch it on. Go outside see how it looks like there. :)
  3. Whichever I am I'm having hell of a fun here :)
  4. Had the same situation on the other side. Started a new forsaken now and am waiting for patience to come back to me before I'll return to my prev character. Then I'll buy a cheap bow and go farming as guys said above ;D
  5. SoulHead

    Arena points

    True I played couple 5x5 but really just a couple. On one occasion I was about 3.5h in session waiting for a match to come up :search: .... to no avail. I've also noticed that some players don't go there at all. Why I cry? It's an awesome fun watching your opponent die and fall in a pool of blood, it looks hilarious and you learn to fight as well...
  6. To dobrze. Dzieki za re, pozdrawiam :drinks:
  7. Jako warlock zaczynam mogąc nosić cloth armour :shout: Szmać ! Czy to się z czasem zmienia czy bede latał w szmatach do levelu 99+.
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