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  1. This is my actually all +10 warlock :yahoo: Wish you'd like.
  2. Sorry but you're no one important to I care about it ;)
  3. Yeah Osirian is too jealous
  4. He didn't lost #1, we are #1 in our own classes ;)
  5. I never wished to be a troll at forum, that's why we've Rusself
  6. Oh ya, I'm weak, prove it to me with your op char Just for you see kern is a shit, 3h ago was me and grimaze vs him and someone else, I killed his ptner he killed grim, I had 2k hp he was full, I won it easy, I said n repeat, kern sucks ;)
  7. Bla bla bla, still talking shits? what in the duck part of when kern began running as a ♥♥♥♥♥ i just stopped the pvp? ... i think you guys are so brainless :fool:
  8. I'd love to see people's annoyed :D
  9. Please, stop asking me for links in-game in PM I'll link it for annoy peoples in trade and aliance chat only haha it piss them off ;D , there it's ...
  10. He meant to sell items in market for Mc instead for gold, there would be an option to you choose, Miracle Coin and Gold
  11. I was thinking, what you guys think about arena 2v2/3v3/5v5 in guild vs guild? vote :dirol:
  12. Druid is just a weak class :wacko:
  13. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU NEED ROOT IN YOUR PHONE TO DO THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my internet: Bad days about 2mb good days about 6/8mb, on 3G ... First of all, download: http://www.4shared.com/android/mw1Q-J3Q/Blackmart_Alpha_04993.htm Blackmart is a secondary Play Store, but every paid apps in Play Store are free on Blackmart. Then look for: "3G/4G Speed Optimizer Pro" in BlackMart. Download it ... Now open it and choose "12/28/7 - Max speed(low battery efficience" Click "APPLY TWEAK!", wait then reboot your phone After it, check if there are differences in your speed... I advise you to use "https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.greatbytes.fastrebootpro&hl=en" too, and put it to boost your phone everytime you turn your screen phone on, it'll make your lag as zero... When you get lagged, use this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mcstealthapps.freshnetwork It restart your connection and take the near 3G "tower" possible, i said "tower" because i don't know whats the name of that shit :rofl: I wish you like, i use it to restart my signal when it's about 2 or 3 points, it go to 5 really instantly :give_rose: If you'd like, please add +1 Karma :give_rose:
  14. It'll be hard to be considered better than shadow, so I have no idea :)
  15. Well, there's Noone on the server that I can't kill, but for me in my conception, Shadowtear is the #1 warlock, I inspire myself to be as him
  16. On euro I'm gonna have too much competition to be the #1 as I'm trying in sapphire, sapphire is so easier, so when I've a #1 reputation here maybe I go to Euro have some fun :)
  17. An atheist saying "Thank god" lmfao :rofl:
  18. sure buddy, i ll wait ya :give_rose:
  19. :crazy: I don't play it anymore, I just login in my old account to chat a bit and do some funny pvvp
  20. I don't care about the botters, I used to bot too for level up, what used to annoy me were the gold bots :/
  21. I played it for 6 years, since cap 70 til cap 120, then I just stopped, too many botters in the game were causing lag, we couldn't teleport to towns without lag because gold spam sellers in town made us lag :'( Then I gave my level 120 full farmed and full +12 warlock cleric to my cousin :) Sometimes I just log it to PvP, I've to admit, SRO has one of best pvps ever
  22. AA lot of my suggestions I got from Silkroad Online :)
  23. The idea is: Stop this fcking crappie having alts at low lv just to arena -.- that sucks n is a waste of time
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