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  1. The skill needs to worked and fixed, the damage from the skill can be resisted and it also has a too long of a load up for the skill to strike to the point the DK just freezes and doesn't attack. Take the animation out of the skill and make only the stun part of the skill resisted and not the damage.
  2. Well it's being resisted, I guess they didnt address it, that figures ๐Ÿ˜’
  3. Can you fix Death Knights magic damage skill? Maybe take the stun off so that the damage cant be resisted against bosses since DK already has another stun skill?
  4. Role playing games =playing your own role of play style. Warspear is a On-Rails game, meaning you're forced to play the game one way and forced to play it the way Aigrind wants you to play it. MMORPG came to be a very good category for the fact it allows all types of gamers to join and play it their own style, grind mobs for xp or go straight to questing for xp. Some like questing and some dont, some grind xp to level before a quest if its too hard to do at their current level. Choose a role and play your own role.
  5. Indie is a category because this game is in exactly that category on steam lol
  6. This is in the Indie category of games, it doesnt fall under the mmorpg category.
  7. A MMORPG is a game that gives xp from killing mobs, So it in fact is not that.
  8. Theres no such thing as rules in a game bud. And this isnt a mmo just fyi
  9. But a wd cant kill those 10 players lol so why so worried about not being able to kill a wd if it's not going to do dmg? Like I said it's a pve class, pve means "player versus enviroment" not "player versus player". The knowledge of the company rubs off on its players. The biggest issue in the game is the Arena, pve players are put against pvp players so its 100% unbalanced. Imagine taking totems away from the magic dmg classes and having the pool spells cost alot of hp to use?
  10. I don't think you quite understand it being a strictly pve class. A wd cannot kill in pvp, it is literally a time waster for the others, all it's good for is blocking and defending hence being just a tool for dungeons and bosses. If a wd could kill players fairly easy in pvp then I would understand the change but the change more happened because people who only played on MC side who are mad that a wd can solo bosses, Lab.
  11. Ws need to make all snow gear that if has the same 2nd bonus gear then it should be unlocked, because many players went through the same mind boggling stress.
  12. Alright I changed the name of the armor sets and now the 2nd bonus is unlocked ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  13. So I need to change the name of the sets for it to unlock
  14. For some reason it just made sense to me that since they all had the same 2nd bonus that it didnt matter, oh well I guess
  15. I'm not sure what's wrong with the snow bonus gear but all 4 pieces have the same last bonus so it should be unlocked.
  16. Which shield? Because I have a shield on
  17. I'm having a issue with the new snow bonus gear, I have all 4 gears and the 2nd bonus isnt unlocked and they are all the same bonuses.
  18. Ok but its pve class, a tank is meant to "TANK". it's the only tank in the game who has the lowest damage.
  19. Warden is a pve character not a pvp so it shouldn't get any changes. It has the lowest damage of all classes players are going to need warden for party when doing dungeons and bosses. MC side has charmer which is OP in both pve and pvp so please let use keep warden the way it is.
  20. Been over a month and havnt been able to create a elf on US server. What a shame, the devs of this game tells you how they want you to play the game instead of letting you play it how you want. That's the first I've ever heard of that in any game. And especially a indie game. Just wow
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