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  1. Exactly, i remember in v0.41 when i open on the skill menu of my shaman char, it shown there was witch doctor with many empty boxs inside, i thought its sub class of shaman with many skills instead. Wow...
  2. Nice, i agree with soulblizz, many mmo have feature about class with second jobs.
  3. it maight be heavy load, the only best solution is add page of bags, by turning left and right. Btw good suggestion.
  4. it depends on how you play the char, if you want to play without a lot of moving (aggressive), just max your attack + dodge skills and just stand closer with pew-pew. But if you want to do more aggressive, sure with a tactical technique, if you are rogue so maximize your invisibility and stun skills, play sneaky, attack and run.
  5. Yes, maybe not only me who thinking that your idea is just making confused on head because there is a similar things of you with more simple. Lets say, you need talk people wherever you are and want people read your post, the answer is global chat/world channel (simple and already exist, all mmorpgs have this one). And yes, the idea which not giving benefit for Aigrind they won't pay attention, but world channel in all mmo is free access for everyone, if they need some benefit from chat is just add VAS (value added service) like enable to change text colors and buy some emoticons. Delivery box that you suggested its too confusing, in all mmorpgs trading interaction among player is totaly free, the only benefit from a trading that you could buy on miracle shop is enable to increase slots and transfer items with one gift package. And the most simple trade is no limit area (no out of area), it means whenever you are, you could trade with someone just PM and interact to trade with them, but almost mmo has limitation area so its general, cuz there is exist item like scroll of transportation to help you moving area.
  6. I never found the mmo with feature to encript/descript item with a password, if you need security to prevent hacking, it should be more security in the login menu not into the item or bag, that it just makes offensive and not profesional. And how to prevent accidencial of clicks, just add a simple confirmation to decide.
  7. The fact, no bonus on sudden weapon, stop dreaming too much, boy. Developers just added new slot for weapon decoration. Thread closed.
  8. But all of your suggestions are coming from a personal high level imagination (khayalan tingkat tinggi), that it might be a difficulty or complicated to create that there some related features with more simple things are already exist.
  9. Hello. Even with a simple "confirmation" before selling item to prevent accidencial item sold but developers still doesn't implement it, how come with a password? Could you show any mmo with these offensive feature?
  10. Level up? There is a rich patheic ranger level 6, he stays at lv6 for long time, rich with very shiny bow, ofc he can beat 1v2. You know who is he? Legioneer hahahaha....
  11. You want your post is shown to everyone when you are out of town? It's no difference with global chat, and no need something scroll or buff that makes stupidity confusion. The only great idea is enable global chat and we have an option to enable or disable it on settings: [] party chat [] area chat [] trade chat [] private chat [] information [] global chat (new) You can apply by checking whatever you want. Thats simple.
  12. You are not developer, all suggestions with similar things but with one purpose is actually same. The purpose of both suggestions are how to be able to trade with someone in different area or need instant trade, so you don't need to add anything similar that just makes confused.
  13. There is no info. I remember when Kuzmitch said about animated armor a long time ago that there would be new items from new boss in the hidden santuary but the current update, Kuzmitch might forget to tell us or these new boss is only sh*t with junk drops
  14. You want more, kid? Here you go! Happily, those problem was solved since new feature released: Market dealer and now standby on every towns.
  15. Ofc. Open your a** and enjoy reading! Source:http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=24914.msg101021#msg101021 You are newbie here, so better shut up your a**, ok boy?
  16. Respect the victim please! At least you will decide "are you sure want to sell stave of sudden doom?"
  17. Both suggestions were already suggested, you should search on forum before you post. I still remember there was someone request something to be able to global chat when hunting, farming or doing quest out of city. The second, i still remember when someone requested to be able to trade item without moving or meeting the seller at the same place cuz of far distance, so sorry i read your suggestion is like non-sense at all.
  18. Guild system is already planned.
  19. Your problem is should be avoided or Developer should add confirmation for every items to sell.
  20. Different skill point between same level of char would be more unbalanced class.
  21. You are the funniest pro player xD
  22. thats why this game with money rules. Who rich, no die xD
  23. @crossfit @raper, he said the dungeon with trash mob, it means like sea monster dungeon with trash mob, granite guard, gariel, etc which one party can kill them, it could help to prevent a disturbance between party or player, tho...
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