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  1. Dungeons of Ayvondil. Changes in rewards Where can lvl 20 items from "old" heroic garden/tt be dropped now (Damned Pilgrim weapons, belts)?
  2. I wonder if disassembling of items is bugged, too. Didnt get a single essence or catalyst for at least 50 disassembles, not even common ones.
  3. 148 signs wasted on +7 two-hand weapon, 44 signs wasted on +6 one-hand weapon without success. Pop-up windows after taking quest or demanding arena still annoy many players. AiGreed, please think about your retarded way of making money!
  4. Irselnort bosses:- Character of any level can get a piece of equipment- Party level shouldn't be higher (than boss's level) to get catalysts, unity signs or minions. This question came up elsewhere and was not answered yet: party lvl = average lvl of party members? or party lvl = lvl of highest player in party? Or something else?
  5. I really thought of buying mcoins and signs today but because of f***ing POPUPS that rob your unused mcoins i don't. :tease:
  6. MC, 04. Feb. After 2nd server reset: elder beyn, fishermen village 05. Feb. Before server reset: vistain, bandit ridge After reset: gordir, cave in silty floodplain
  7. Quoted from slay in another topic: "the update is all about how aigrind force to take money from us by changing item stats. if the new system force you to get a new item...well its time to get your money for amping. their reason is to balance lol, why the solution change the item? why you not design the skills? or set the skill cool down or area or duration or effect. they choose to change our items instead. my suggestion for aigrind to get even more money in a fast way is : put as many as pop up trap in the game! each time we open our bag, you could put pop up and buy button in the strategic place" My suggestion in addition to this: Add some kind of spyware in the game client that informs the pop up about the amount of miracle coins on the account. if the player has 205 mc the suggested item in pop up could be extra pocket, but if the player has only 40 mc the pop up should suggest crystals for example so you make sure that you get as many mc as possible... :yahoo:
  8. It would be great if there were quests that dont give experience points. With a char that u dont want to lvl up u cant do quests anymore at a certain point, thats pity. Maybe it would be a good option if u could distribute exp points to guild points, because if not u cant take part in the guild system when u dont want to lvl up some day, except as passive member. :blush:
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