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  1. Know how many events she won almkst evrysingle on. Keizsha & Ascetic :pleasantry: maybe snorlax like them. :unknw:
  2. Samsung galaxy s2, Verizon.
  3. What are baldes? Also, if i did use arena i'd kill you even faster :lol: No point in arguing that, right? As, I said when your ready, i'm ready anytime anywhere. Bring it. :spiteful: And my shaman can handle your Warlock as well ;)
  4. Well, my old phone broke so when i got my new one and tried downloading that app it kept forceclosing and i couldnt even get to the play screen without it force closing... Please Help.. :'(
  5. Okay, want me to pvp you naked? :pardon: And i did have arena gear on my bg gear is +2 and my sword is +7, yes, but doesnt stop the fact that your swords are also +7. If im correct. Anyway, i proved all my chars are better than your except my mage, soon that'll change. Either way, you may aswell give up like seriously your wasting your time. When you wanna PvP again pm me i dont have time for bulls**t. Yours Truely, Nastyburp~ :good:
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol: Who's this guy?
  7. peace for all or peace for blue :unknw:
  8. :lol: :lol: :rofl: :rofl: Ckq is probaly reading now, and facepalming himself saying ''wtf did i get into''
  9. Nuff said lmfao :lol: are you dumb? I have many gears.to equip
  10. No pictures no evidence :spiteful: so from now on ckq is a fata*s till futhe notice ;)
  11. i hide char name.cause i dont want certain ppl knowing .what accs i use and i kill u easy nice lie no picture no evidence :rofl:
  12. Nooo dont rage quit now im not done. :rofl:
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