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  1. Right before the update process is started, around 1h 30mins to go, so be patient please
  2. Test server will be available during the update process of real servers. Rei will share links
  3. Links to download the current test client: Android 4.0.0 and less http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.8.1-test/warspear-oldsdk.apk Android 4.0.3 and higher http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.8.1-test/warspear-newsdk.apk the Windows Desktop http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.8.1-test/warspear.exe the Windows Desktop the OpenGL http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.8.1-test/warspear-gl.exe
  4. There are always members and moderators who keep their eyes on russian forum, include me sometimes moreover near-update times! Will directly post on international forum if there are some updates about test server on russian forum, don't worry much
  5. Hello, it should be normal lvl of Termitary 🙂 in order to be able enter this lvl you need 640 t2 reputations. About names of all Termitary lvl, i'm not quite sure, but one of another lvl quest name is "High Priest of Garment".
  6. Further informations will be disclosed on release post as usual. ☺️
  7. Emery


    I don't think it is cheating, it is more like a conspiracy Your guild can also get your own allies
  8. I'm sorry guys Tamer likes to show-off lately Anyway @Hapimonas i like the style of how u killing adds there and rushing to finish dg
  9. But sulla was always a mc, and u are mercurial was with shyleen on elf side together with marcin etc
  10. Yo veteran eu mc players
  11. The servers connections are getting worse these several days 😕 skills delays, lags, position bugs
  12. Happens several time, just a visual bug 😅 relog and it will be fine
  13. No supports here, all are treated same here, no matter in what guild nor what class you are. All opinions are appreciated, only on how you express them, it should be in proper way, don't get rage. Please keep forum away from dramas and personal problems. Have a nice day!
  14. 1) Firstly go https://warspear-online.com/en/support and choose "Suggestions and other questions" or directly make an email to [email protected] 2) Provide all necessary infos + ss, and write the reason. 3) Click "Send"
  15. EVEN if we had, we wouldn't give hints moreover spoilers regarding it
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