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  1. I dont understand my problem. I was inactive for 4 days when i open it say blocked. Im never do fraut, the people in us shappire know me How to open it?
  2. I have nub character in another so i cant enter dg My blocked account have 2 character lvl 28 +9 +10 #sorry bad english
  3. Dear GM, I have sent a message and didnt get reply (4 days) Why my account blocked? I dont understand. Can you reply fast GM Technical Suport?
  4. Taking pictures from other pages is not allowed? Because I am not an expert in drawing.
  5. He doesn't have the ability to invisibility.
  6. He can not disappear because it does not have that power.
  7. Gm, How do I post a photo to the topics that we created? I've done that already you say instructions but could not.
  8. Skill : Thread of Darkness (deathknight) Ball Lightning (shaman) Map 4 Ayvondil
  9. Viper are wild animals come from extensive river not far from ayvondil. He has the ability to drag its prey and fierce waves of electricity that makes the victim unable to move. Previous is a man who cursed into a snake for killing his parents. Because vindictive, Viper came into ayvondil to kill people who lived there. Everyone who approached him, will not hesitate reluctante dragged and killed to death. When hungry, he came to ayvondil to prey on humans and livestock. The youth of ayvondil challenged to kill the Viper for the safety of citizens ayvondil. Skill : Thread of Darkness (
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