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  1. (^_^) Thanks for your opinions ! Appreciated it @Logrimy We are trying our best on doing our duties without offending anyone, yes, sometimes we do make mistakes, we are human after all. As have been mentioned on post above, if you feel that we are biased / misuse our position, please directly message Reivenorik about it and i'm sure Rei will punish any moderator who doesn't do as it should be. And else, if you have things on mind about me, don't hesitate to directly pm me! Warm regards, Jeanne
  2. They are aware and now they are fixing it! Hopefully soon ^^ It is also about the connections to server issue as well.
  3. Please explain all to support team instead https://warspear-online.com/en/support Hope you find the answer, and please note that it may takes up to 4-5working days. Good luck!
  4. But if you cancel the quest, the collected quest items will also disappear. There are some white-colored quest items as well, in this case, you must check the objectives of quests to determine whether the items needed for quest or not.
  5. This guide may help you, good luck! Anyway, almost all of kotaravva quests are easy! But in order to survive against mobs in norlant swamp, you should prepare pots (if u don't have decent gears yet as you play a newly-leveled char). And in my personal opinion, "Nasty Frogl" and "Norlant Aqueducts" are the easiest from main town.
  6. Wow, 320 energy, that's so much o.O If hunter doesn't have any mana regen gears when how will both hunter and seeker survive xD ? Devs added many regen gears btw..
  7. Actually, the skill setup isn't default. Different players have different preferences on skills, which ones are the priority skills, or mix build of pve and pvp. I'm not new, and i have leveled up and played many classes, as i have some high lvls chars, i'd like to level up my newly-made chars first until a point of level then start the distribution of skill points. Anyway... One point to be added here : Getting friends is important! Friends keep you for not feeling bored or such, i survive in the warspear because of friends beside the warspear itself.
  8. It is 28days which means half of last arena season duration, and my opinion is that they want players to struggle not only on one bracket but on all brackets as you get the currency in top50. They probably made this to make arena active. I see many players got disappointed so quick, before they find and try out things.
  9. Have just installed and joined the warspear channel 😀
  10. This belong to a friend 😛 He uses full light cc gears lv26 + other cd gears, also got the cd relic activated haha. Hope he doesn't get mad if he sees this (´▽`)
  11. Calypso

    Crystal price

    I think it should works as you said, yeah. 1handed crystals should be all priced same at 59coins ... @Reivenorik Hey Rei, may you take a look?
  12. Till now i have been sent ss of 98.9% cd
  13. Here is the link of official support : https://warspear-online.com/en/support Or you can directly send an email to [email protected] Explain the situations and write necessary infos there, good luck
  14. In addition, the mechanics of aggression skills have been changed. Now the skills applied to the specific enemy do not remove the current target of the attack when imposing aggression. To apply this skill to another person, you need to reset the current target of the attack by clicking on the empty spot on the location or on the opponent himself and use the skill This one?
  15. What kind of nerf do you mean? Wasn't it a change of mechanism?
  16. Hello there, reinstall your application and download the latest version from official site or google playstore (android) / app store (ios) Good luck!
  17. They are working on it, please be patient. The announcement will be posted regarding this.
  18. Omg yea xD was drunk maybe😱
  19. Several skills still stay as previous ones (before update). Need to fix them
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