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  1. time to start support back after blaming those crap bugs. . . . well its not full support coz still alot confusing things which are : 1, my god lvl19 weapons crappest thing ever made.. 2, dmg in casters nadu items (my advice its easy make it on equip casters type magic"if shaman then moon, Lock/necro then dark".. coz casters not like meles get all dmg from weapon!! how u do this!! 3. how u back ice queen items like this? most game users now spam creating new chars and do quest like 15x per day which lead to all server have new amulets 4. still casters rings 5% *z* u solved that on arena season reward by making it 15% so it should be fair enough u make those rings 15% too . or atleast 10% a ring
  2. dont look at bad part.. Look in Bright sight .. U R RICH!
  3. my God Chry .. ur account is Bugged thats not normal :'( Im gonna Report ]:>
  4. emerald down .. dont say my father has hand in this.. ps. he disturbe me to stop playing
  5. as if u won couple of 0 dmges..2 locks vs 2 shaman .. camp mode cycle stuns won 2x0 dmges .. not pro at all
  6. if these dangeons will be same ease and with such drop rate in this current event , Dont put in game....
  7. it was about to be Congratz for nida for ice staff skin which looks epic. your words are true 100%
  8. my english is bad coz no space in "willi" ended by mother ducker. Well my english is good enough for anybody to understand and that is main thing in communication , doesnt matter if grammer is right or wrong. " my grammer still good" really sry nida but u in my ignore list cant imagine i get a pm from such ppl some day
  9. as always Update = shit items ... green lvl19 weapon with same dmg as lvl17 =O omg how epic it is? :D 1 main super bug all items personal so u go hunt and waste ur stamina on shaman to get rogue item :lol: ws events now became shit. just for coins users get 10k coins buy chests use some , sell rest Waw Enjoy ur 3 new costomes and ur bag became smaller ;) :lol: hope u learn from mistakes.....
  10. Lols it was already good *z* now will be more costomes mean all will use all and all will have all xD Rip vamps,Wdge ... and all
  11. thats baaaaad duck duck duck :'( my exams start 28-21 which mean im ducked up :'(
  12. There is 2 more ss or 3x .. Any reply?
  13. Dear devs "Vidhi" is an in game char in eu emerald spam me insults and after being ignored , he created alot lvl1 chars and kept insult me Here are ss of 15x names .. its all in ur hand.!
  14. Hi dear devs, when someone insult u 1000x and u ignore him, and he create lvl1 chars to keep insult me what is the result for this? if i have the ss of 15x different char lvl1 and insulting me . in my opinion as i heared he should be banned but before i report i wantted to ask last question insult not a must be in english ?
  15. springy


    xD nice win ..i also had some fights lost such those .. it doesnt mean u can win in total score ;) xD 1 more advice .. never show 1 win when u lose more
  16. i dont show off that i kill but u know that Op lock how many times died in normal swamps maps ? How many times died in nadir questing? Never swiched to insult xD thats my pointPs. I hate u all rangers with ur ♥♥♥♥en bless... Btw u mean hard ones that i play melees? I played tons of mmo s on mobile and pc never played with melee i dont like them
  17. That happen when a poor lvl15 with 0% resi and 1,7k hp rape a lvl20 pala xD
  18. well they not listen look now all ppl have wdge and vamps as long as its about boxes and coins its gonna be every where
  19. omg ur words true ... will be another 3months we waste time into to get lvl19-20sets and amp .. then another 2months bored if going tower and at last we ayvondil not in game but just a release date of another 1 month waiting and here is new map ppl use knowlege pots and lvl up 21 in 2 days end yup what a pessimesstuc i am xD hope im wrong 100%
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