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  1. wtf 1m? Haha noob Seller.
  2. aw mc have guild now in us server..
  3. 3.5 on my symbian phone
  4. 3.5 in ovistore updated.but still not fitted in landscape mode on my c6
  5. kier28

    XD I HAVE 3.5

    file in ovistore, erROr.. Wew
  6. kier28

    XD I HAVE 3.5

    where u download? Ovi?
  7. Bored no update + LAG = better OFF and Sleep,watching tv
  8. i try to get this item
  9. lol I dont have evidence, . But in server saphire many pinoy player said u are scammer..
  10. u hacked my friend emem account, that's the punishment for you because u are scammer.. ur account i hope blocked permanently..
  11. and all of my post u are here,why? Haha
  12. piggyrange dont know how to use trap.haha.
  13. he is easy,because piggy Is Noob.. haha
  14. kier28


    ahaha i hate piggy ganker.
  15. kier28


    lol piggyranger.
  16. lol delete your nonsense trash topic. piggy
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