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  1. you better know me first....if u get that issue to any ppl hates me...then fine im not affected. .haters is all jelous ppl only . . .buy mcoin to make strong. . .
  2. sorry guys but warspear staff not block for no prof or just say im scammer so give me a picture or screenshot. . .show me what you got!
  3. thanks dev my account was unblock. . .dont trust ppl who hatters only . .post a prof . . Bleeeh
  4. give me a prof? Thats not true im not xchiyocox or touchmenot ...if u have prof any message or post with screenshot post it. . .
  5. i was so disappointed with support team. .my account was block for 2weeks and my last day was may 2,2013 is over. . .support team give me a password but invalid. . .incorrect login or password. . I'l try to report again. .but support team not reply to all my message
  6. i have many message. . .but support team gve me invalid id and password. . .incorrect login or password . . .
  7. that not true im the friend emem. . .give me prof. .dont judge if u dont know me better
  8. dev, please help me... 2weeks block of my account is over may 02, 2012. .
  9. you give me new i.d an password but invalid. . . Incorrect login or password i'l been trying many times but incorrect login or password please update my account. . .please
  10. please check my account. . . Us-sapphire handsgift lvl18 priest macomaco lvl17 mage my account was block for 2 weeks but its over. . .please check account. . .and please reply to all my email. Thank you
  11. you can ask xherobrine about me. . .im handsgift a.k.a macomaco . . .i dont scam any player. . .show me the prof. . Dont trust hatters only
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