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  1. congrats winners! But there are other costumes that won 3rd and 2nd place which people would love to be added to game.not dat aligator is bad,just anubis or astraunut is better to be added to the game!
  2. :diablo: Wicked Costume :rofl: in the forests of ayvondil there are strange people who have lost there mind :crazy: wicked costume is used by them and also they are dangerous as they dont judge anything they do :mega_shok:
  3. Thanks SNP! It may nt win bt im happy to share it...
  4. and one more thing.i had to break that one day rule becoz great stories always take time to be great. I gave my best shot. Enjoy it guys..!
  5. Many years has passed. Almost everything has changed around me but , I , once a skilled Werewolf among the army that faught in the battle for Arinar ,stay stoned from the day of Great Betrayal. Covered in moss and brushed by the storms and winds for years, yet I stand. Brothers and sisters that once faught by my side and the great commander that we all faught by his side is vanised in the thin air. I can still feel and hear their bravery and voices around me. There was a time when i was a soldier protecting the Island of Berengar. A vast island with few villages and hundreds of men,women and children who lived with peace and happiness. The island consealed a magical power of its own that made it prosperous. Never the people suffered from hunger or thirst as the island provided them with everything they need. In the middle of the island there was a castle. A castle that belonged to the greatest sorcerer ever to live ,Berengar! But berengar only visited it few times a year. His brother Alengar lived in the castle.He didnt rule the people. But lived among us. All day he would live among the people. All of them were his friends. Time in the island was the best time in life. And them came the disaster. Battle for Arinar began. And then on, everything changed... Berengar called all his great warriors to the battle. Under his command he formed a group of most skillful warriors to fight by his side. I was one of them. Our commander Argond was Berengars most trusted commander in the battle. We fought great armies! Defeated them. Our glory spread throughout the battle fields. Everywhere we go it was victory we smelled, victory we embraced. And the time passed. Battle was over. Only a few of us were alive. Argond,Melanin,Rasul,Garnai and I was among them who came from the Island of Berengar. With Berengars permission we returned to our homes. But..., the home we left was not there anymore. Once a prosperous island now stands a dull ground of ash and misery everywhere. People once we knew was gone. Villages burned down. Nothing alive was left in that island. Garnai went mad seeing what has happened. I couldnt think what to do next. Even Argond was silent. He kneeled down and looked in the ash blowing with the wind. Suddenly Rasul shouted out. He pointed at the castle . Once a great palace now stood ruined. Yet it seemed to hold life in there. We all began to run. Castle was many miles away. But we didnt feel tired. All that was in our minds was What Happened? Why didnt Alengar defend the Island? What has happened to him? After hours we reached the castle. It was dark as it was hiding some evil inside it. We walked throught the fallen down arches and halls. Finaly we found the chambers of Alengar ,the only place we could think of to find him. Although the castle was ruined , Alengar's chambers remained sealed . Without knowing what we would find inside Argond entetered the chamber breaking down the door. And what we saw, stunned us! Alengar sat in a stone chair looking down. There was no sign of life left in him. As Melanin reached toward him ,he moved. His face was not there. It was more like a skull with a skin. His eyes filled with hatred and anger. He didnt seemed the man once we knew. "Lord Alengar, what happened?" Melanin asked. Alengar raised his voice. He looked at us. There was no sign of human in that face. "you , all left us here" he began to speak with a faint voice. "You made this happen. My brother made this happen." "Why didnt you defend the island. You are powerful." Argond roared at him. "Silent!" Alengar's voice trembled. " You now come to blame me for what happened? I tried to defent it. I used all my power. But enemy out numbered me. They destroyed everything. I called out my brother for help. But he ignored me. He said battle for arinar was more important than the island. He didnt send the army back to island. Two days I defend the castle. On third day Medusa arrived. She broke throught out the gates ,stonned every one and cursed me. You see, my legs ,they ar stone!" It was true. His chair and his legs looked alike. Berengar never told us that the island was under atack. He could have sent us back. He could have saved them all. But why? Why didnt he tell us? "It seems the day has finally come ..." a familiar voice came from behind. Berengar!!! We were damned. He has willingly let us come here. I wondered what he was planing next... Argond coudnt control his anger. He drew his sword as he rallyed toward Berengar. "You Monster!" And with a flash he turned stone! It was Medussa! She was with Berengar. She smilled upon us with rage in its eyes. "Why My Lord? Why? Why you let this happen?" I spoke with great pain. "You dont see.do u? You are yet a savage monster as you once was. You dont understand these things.Im the greatest sorcerer alive. Though my brother share the same powers as me he dont know how to use it. Such a waste! So i thought to unite the powers... By destroying him!" My heart began to rage with anger." All this slaughtering was for power?" "No. I didnt want my brother to be alive. Now he stand besides me. But what if some day he goes against me? I kept him in this island so he wouldnt come in my way. But i feared. And with the battle begining I got the perfect chance to get rid of that fear. Thats why I sent Medussa. I didnt want to kill the people.but it had to be done to keep my secret. I thought Alengar was dead too, but he has recoved half of him...Now only you stand a threat to me.So..." He turned to Medussa and with that knowing what would be our fate, we all jumped at him with our swords raised. Berengar was ready for that. With a single spell me vanished Melanin into thin air. Rasul striked at Medussa but it was too quick. I moved away and with another flash Rasul shared the same fate as Argond. Garnai took his chance and cut Berengars arm. But it didnt do much damage. He was too strong for us. He casted a spell upon him making him burn. Yet he striked with his sword bt fell ground in ashes... With him gone i was alone. Stranded infront of overwhelming enemy. Yet I couldnt give up .The monster that once Argond tamed and made his companion,still lived hidden inside me. I could feel that monster coming out of me. I raised my sword and rallyed toward with all my strenght. And last thing i saw was a light striking me and Medussa's fading face. Then everything went dark............ I begin to hear a faint voice. And I began to see again little by little. But I couldnt move. I was a stone! It was Alengar. I couldnt see him but I heard him... "I used all my power to bring you back to life. But im too weak now. Berengar took all my power. Now my life is draining away from me. But we will have our revenge! Berengar will pay for all the lifes he took away from us. Until that day arrives, Breath!" It was his last words. I wanted to say something but I couldnt talk. Then I saw a white smoke floating to the dark sky and then it vanished.... ********** Remembering the past was painful. But i felt nothing . I couldnt feel my heart beating. It was stone. I stand here for years. I can see everything infront of me . But it was only the grey land and dark sky. Berengar had lifted a black mist around the island to keep it hidden from rest of the world. No human has stepped into the island for years. Not even Berengar came here after the day of Great Betrayal. Now only dull creatures live here. Lifeless creatured , and I too is more like them. I wait for that day Alengar spoke of. The day when we will have our Revenge! And i can hear in the wind a whisper..... "That day is not far away.....* *The End*
  6. thirisana


    duck all hassan worshipers!
  8. all great except tht part whr u say u will Loose items in ur bag after death! Dat i c nt a improvement but a Fuking bug!!!
  9. damn hw cud u get 3.5.2? And y the heck they dnt say whn server goes down? So tht we wont waste time trying to log in! :!
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