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    new chat

    I don't see the problem,you make a deal,talk what you want to sell or buy and exchange.But it still would be a nice feature to the game,but first increase the amount of items to trade :diablo:
  2. Why not just max powerful shot,then bless,scatter 4 and trap 2 :unknw: ,works almost the same with your tactic.
  3. Yes i agree :good: ,although stun isn't very good against 2 or more opponents :'(
  4. They said that they will release everything in smaller updates,for example crafting, lvl30,minions and other stuff.They won't add everything at once.
  5. I don't know where you found those prices,but if it's true then it's awesome ;D ;D
  6. Then probably they are on vacation 8)
  7. What phone are you using?But yes everything fine for me :unknw:
  8. I think druids started,but yes it pathetic to run for draw
  9. Dude... two days ago i wasn't at nadir ;D ;D i was there yesterday,nobody killed me there :wacko:
  10. It's a tactic for druid,but yes running for draw sucks,if you are full hp why not to fight :unknw:
  11. Dude i never said that I'm awesome druid i have much to learn ,but no you didn't kill me on pvp,every time you killed me (it was just 2 times)one was after i had pvp with low hp and other you jumped in middle of pvp :facepalm: .
  12. No no no,he disturb always ;D
  13. There's no point of arguing with him let him think he is very strong :facepalm:
  14. They will add more skins in mshop sooner or later,i think :unknw: . Dude mshop costumes can't be unbinded,and when you remove skin it is destroyed. In my opinion it's players choice for what amount of gold he wants to sell item(s),but nowadays prices are very high.
  15. You never see me there probably our timezones are different,but yes it's summer and i have a life,i don't play 24/7 like you :facepalm: .And after this i was at pvp cave :facepalm: This argument is over after all this topic isn't for arguments about pvp and s**t,it's about who is the best druid in eu and in my opinion it is juniorcell or Dadz.
  16. Every time i go alone to pvp cave,sometimes i go with guild(just for fun,not for gank and s**t)...
  17. Yes they need to change that.
  18. I come to cave easy lol,raped me,yes you have with a friend popped up after i have pvp someone. :facepalm:
  19. Good work as always :good:
  20. What's the point to come pvp YOU,when someone pops up and always helps you,that's why you don't want to leave pvpcave.Pvpcave is only place where you can kill a person in 2(you and some of your friends)v1 :facepalm: All i can say is that you are another pathetic ganker/disturber/jumper.
  21. This might help ------> Restore the password
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