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  1. You dont have to do this far to get attention...
  2. my poor brother always died when he reach kotaravva because of lags n dcs lol
  3. iya minta 100 biji ya *hi* jajjajajaja BTW clan dah musnah ya?
  4. I always need 2-3 times to login into the game, And now i cant play because or data catching, after i finish the data cathing ,the connetion lost and i have to redownload data catching again, but then the conetion lost again,download again and lost again. And now i cant play because that... Sorry .my english is bad
  5. salam knal semua, saya main di MC emerald :)
  6. Samsung Galaxy mini Ginggerbread OS -no crash -run smoothly -lag at war or when massive player in 1 area -slow respone, crossing need around 3 sec, so different with desktop version even i use the same network -cant add word at item we put in chat(well other devices besaid android can do this) my suggest is this game need quick chat button
  7. fix that unnamed boss in AA me n my team waste 20mins & much potions to finish his 800k HP but in the end i only got [Gold Bar] this is nice joke :D
  8. edstrife

    server down

    why this all have to happening.....
  9. upps we can get nice eq in norlant too but its deppend in ur luck... actualy I never get nice item in norlant
  10. I see in shop(not dealer) only sell up to lv12 equipment its hard to get equipment above lv12 in this game the only way to get nice equipment is collect arena point or do hunting boss. but to collect arena points is take too long time since update. And no one will invite ppl with low equipment in hunting boss. so can u add some lv15 equipment in shop??? sorry my english getting bad and badder :P
  11. we want to combine part of costums exp: weeding suit with choosen sun glasses
  12. low heal override is so annoying im on hunt with some ppl but an shaman elf spy keep distrubing us, by give the tanker low heal while the tank still in high heal effects The high heal override by low heal pls do something with this sory my english is bad
  13. agree... yes we can buy arena tickets 1set with 2k golds... but its not easy to earn gold in this game... to earn 2k its took around 2-3hours for me... n i dont have time to playy all the day only to collecting gold.. n lost the FUN in game
  14. YES, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY duckIN RIGHT hope the dev raise the gained points ,NOT TO DECREASE IT sorry for my bad english
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