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  1. So true :bomb: I'd have trouble listing half of them. :(
  2. I'd help O:-) Was wanting to create a mage anyway now that I have the lvl 18 set :drinks:
  3. Haha ::) Mc's being called stupid first time for everything ;D
  4. No way! Only thing protecting our lower levels from rogues.
  5. sorry bds do not have stuns :cray:
  6. I just use whichever i feel like when I am pvping. But whenever there is someone I need to kill I use my crossbow because its stronger.
  7. Apparently Pvprange is not a fan of chocolate balls ;D
  8. Ew its a kupidoll :bad: Your so pro ::)
  9. We just want an answer it should not be this difficult.
  10. Mc can't screen shot wins bcuz they only lose O:-)
  11. Thanks legionn but Coolcatkid is lvl 20 now. O:-)
  12. P. me here or in game but remember its godswraths :D ;D
  13. Arena set all the way I use it 99% of the time. It works well in arena and pvp. Also 2 good signets should make you a tank to kill in arena.
  14. If you consider his opinion on her strategy an insult then you need to reevaluate you life!
  15. Big words for a +10 Warlock :facepalm:
  16. Fatass panda...Boppers welcome to forum O:-) :bomb:
  17. Estoy estudiando espanol dos en my colegio, ?Como estas? ;D
  18. 400 for spell caster :shok: Talk about a suicide bomber ;D
  19. Why you gotta be using double negatives :'( :sorry:
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