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Sweet, Sram is back baby!

Modifications regarding the Sram are more minor but no less interesting. We've been wanting to reinforce trap gameplay, which deserves to be developed more. So in this update there are three modifications:


Tricky Trap has been entirely reworked. It is now a Fire element spell and pulls targets triggering it towards its center. We think that, just like the Repelling Trap, this gives Srams new possibilities for micro-placement which increases the tactical potential of the class. We weren't happy with Tricky Trap’s old version: the possibility to cast it frequently and for a low AP cost sometimes forced a Sram to spam the map with this trap, all the while keeping in the back. Increasing Tricky's AP cost or its casting restrictions would have made it too similar to existing traps, namely the Mass Trap and the Lethal Trap. So we decided to offer Srams a new ability and reinforce their Fire build at the same time.


Another noticeable change: the Repelling Trap spell now deals Air damage to opponents only. In addition to giving the Air build a damage-dealing trap, it can also trigger the Chakra Concentration spell, which indirectly reinforces Fire builds.

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