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I was just thinking that it would be cool if there was some way to see more advanced stats for mobs/bosses. For instance, if the boss hits with physical/sun/dark and what sort of defensive stats and % it has.


I think the best way to implement this into the game would be a new skill (That all classes have) that when used on a boss/mob(or maybe even enemy players) will show a pop-up with some of the stats, and with skill progression more detailed information will be given.(Like penetration and dodge %)


Obviously for this idea we would need more skill points, so maybe it is something you could consider for the next level cap increase. :3


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pffft, i'm not wasting precious skill point on such a pointless skill. so what if u know what other ppl hv, it wont make u kill faster. need upgrade fire power and defenses 8)

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