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Yep, that is me. Im new to this game. Just picked it up a few days ago. Only level 5 and I think what keeps drawing me in is the original leveling system. (maybe not but it is to me) The only other game Ive seen the kind of leveling system in is Guild wars. Not 2 and you got most of the EXP from questing and max level is 20. So, now that, that is over with; i figure its time to introduce myself. Like I said earlier I'm new to warspear online and it's fun so far. My favorite part of the game is that it's questing not grinding, by which I mean go kill a mob 5 million times to get a level. So, I play the death knight? I think that is it and he is level 5 almost 6 and I like the class so far but my question is, is it a good class for end game pvp? I understand he is a tank, sword and shield staring out, pull aggro skill, and the pull mob from afar. Which makes me believe for them 2 skills alone they are probably a good tanking class. After that, I wanna know if they has got good dps end game? I'm not much of a tanker though I have played tanks on other mmos. I.E. wow, gw, and runes of magic. Last but not least, is there a guild system in the game? I have not notice one so far. So my only guess would be not offically but there is a guild system in every mmo weather devs want it or not. Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the game as much as I have so far. Names Jake btw.

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I haven't actually played DK myself, but my husband has one, and from what I have seen they are a very good PVE since they can pull enemies out of crossings. As for PVP,  I think there are a lot of classes that aremuch better suited for PVP, unless you are willing to pay a lot of money to make your DK strong enough to simply overpower the opponent.



If you plan on playing both your rogue and your dk, I would suggest your rogue for a pvp build and your dk as a tank, which will come in handy later if you want to farm bosses and such.


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if u want OP clas get a ranger i dont hvae one though i have a barb and blade dancer(both tanks)


LMAO your sig is hilarious sticks and stone may break my bones... who wants to get stoned? I do.
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