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next chapter

O:-) feels bad about :dirol: 's death. so  O:-) tried to bribe :diablo: to allow :dirol: to live. Immidiately :diablo: starts to :rofl: . when  :diablo:  realizes  O:-) is serious he :aggressive: . O:-) leaves looking like this :wacko:

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The best love story I ever read - IGN.com

11/10 can't wait for next part - Gamespot.com

Would buy again and again - kotaku.com

Absolutely breathtaking - thebeststories.com

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3rd chapter

after the  :aggressive: O:-) was :bad: for weeks. :dirol: saw this and confronted :diablo: . :diablo: said :dirol: was :crazy: . :dirol: was :shok: then :aggressive: :diablo: to the ground. :diablo: could only :'( bc he lost. :dirol: demand he be free with O:-) and fix O:-) face from their :aggressive: . O:-) felt immensely :blush:  after the :aggressive:  so O:-) and :dirol:  went to have a :drinks: .

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Fourth chapter

on their way back from the bar :diablo: reappeared but with 8) , :dirol: 's older brother.turns out 8) and :diablo: were very angry at :dirol: for going out with O:-) . 8) bc he was jealous(bc he's single)and :diablo: bc  O:-) is his daughter. :dirol: sees this and makes a bet saying "if u can beat me at hoops i will stop seeing O:-)  best of five wins" . :diablo: went first and go 3-5 then 8) got 4-5 and :dirol: got.........to be continued

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4-4 last shot-midshot- flashback(two days ago)

It was a bitter cold day of Janurary.  :dirol: was feeling his bowl with cereal(fruit loops :blush: ) thinking about wheither or not to skip work that day. On his way to put the milk back(the one with the red top :blush: ) he noticed a moving van outside :shok: . his first thought was his best friend ;D ,who nvr stopped smilling, was actually moving away like he always joked about, but he noticed that it was parked outside the old jenkin's manor(anyone know where i ripped that off of) not  ;D house so  :dirol: felt :fool: . while studing what they had in the van he saw O:-) and knew instantly he had to talk(and possibibly date) her. Suddenly his alarm went off which meant he was late leaving the house, so he wnet to close the door when he noticed he had droped the milk and it had splattered all over himself. On his way to go change he had decided to skip(to go "meet" O:-) ) but when he got to her assumbed house the van was gone and so was O:-) . Seeing this he went and knocked on the door, and when no one answered he opend the door and found the place empty so he decided to check all of the rooms. after checking all the rooms he decided it was just his imagination. on the way out he a staircase leading to the secong floor, which was odd bc the house wasnt big enough to have an attic let alone a room. on his way to investigate everything wentdark. when h reached for his flash light he realized it wasnt there neither was the rest of his body. then slowly a light began to creep from out of the darkness until he could feel his body but see nothing but a misty-greyish color. then  O:-) appeared from behind the fog and said"u are to b my champion and when the time comes u will know what to do" when he tried to ask what she meant he was back on the stairs with no recalling of the vision(but he remembers it in flash back) on his way back home hears a swish and spins around to see O:-) cheering "you made the shot you made the shot".

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