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To survive and to succeed - Miksei, US-Sapphire

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In a world filled with cruelty and violence, once has to weigh each and every decision for the highest chance of survival and success. The world of Arinar gives each perso a chance to grow and progress and to prove their might. This is the story of a Firstborn ranger, Miksei.


               If we want to learn the story, we need to start from the beginning. Miksei had to start off the same way as everyone else on the isle of the Firstborn, Ayvondil: he was given a set of beginner arbors and a weapon to get started with his journey. Clueless of what to do at first, Miksei began his journey.


              He met builders, fighters, crafters, regular citizens, market keepers and many other people, each with their own part to fill in the society. While travelling in Ayvondil, Miksei came to realise the island was green from top to bottom, crowded with trees and plants, filled with wildlife and surrounded by a blue sea. Looking at the horizon from any part of the island, could you not see anything else but the endless sea.


             One day, after completing tasks and quests given by the people living in Ayvondil, Miksei got offered an opportunity for new adventures: for a bag of gold Captain Melvis would give Miksei a place in his ship when the boat would sail to Irselnort, the Ash Coast. Miksei had no idea where he would be going and what he would be facing, but he decided to pay Captain Melvis and to travel to Irselnort.


            Once the ship arrived on the shores of Kamp-Gasphel, Miksei thanked the captain. Confused and mesmerised by the change of scenery, Miksei was again only left with the option to explore. On their way to Irselnort, Captain Melvis had sold a new bow for a cheap price to Miksei. Miksei was sure this bow would help him with his adventures, and so he spent almost all his remaining gold on the bow.


           After weeks of exploring and completing different tasks and quests, Miksei ran into another ranger. This ranger noticed that Miksei was new in what he was doing, and so he decided to help Miksei. After some minutes of talking, the ranger promised to take Miksei as his apprentice.


          This kind ranger, who wanted to remain unnamed when Miksei would write his story, also recruited Miksei to his guild. This allowed Miksei to meet new people and to make friends. Until this day, that ranger has taught Miksei everything he possibly could, but all is yet to be learned. New adventures still await Miksei, as his friends promised to introduce him to the Arena!



This is the story of a Firstborn ranger named Miksei, hope you all like it!


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