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Unfair Rules...?


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Play for 4~5 years this game...

Kill many elfs in city

Kill many people in arena

Spend many money

Spend MANY time

Make some friends... and some enemies too!

Get tired of a "pay to win" game

Stop play it for more 4~5 years

Wow, news classes on game now

Why don't back to this game, play again?


You get all your years spent vanished, and your account banner forever for a reason like that...

Realy fair, AiGrind...

Permanent block account for play a friend's account for some minutes...



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In the agreement which you HAVE to approve to install the game it's more than obvious written that account trading etc. is a violation of the rules and leads to ban  . Sometimes reading would help, especially when it's a contract and you agree to it.

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